Chapter 5

Storms thundered down all around Nordale for the next few days. Matthias thought it strange to have storms at the time of year but no one else did. Every day, he would dodge the ever falling rain and read through his magic book in the house where he first found it, sometimes trying to work spells like the one that he tried to make plants grow, but they barely ever worked. People began to get suspicious of him though. He was rarely ever seen out of the old house and when he was it was to rush back to his mother’s shack. One day, a girl with long, flowing brown hair followed him to see what exactly was so interesting inside the old house.

She followed him down the streets, rain falling on her face, when they reached the old house. Staying out of sight she watched him go inside and turn on his flashlight. Through a small gap in the wood walls she saw him open a huge dusty book and sit down, his back to her. To see what he was reading better, she moved to the other side of the house and found another small hole in the walls, she couldn’t quite reach it though. She stood on a pile of bricks and tried to look through the gap. She wobbled a bit, lost her footing and fell to the ground. Suddenly the boy stuck his head through the door. The girl shuffled back out of his sight and tended to her leg, she had grazed her knees. The boy went back inside when he was certain that no one was around and opened his book again. The girl moved the pile of bricks together again in a more stable form and was able to reach the crack in the wall. The boy was no longer sat on the floor wading through his book but on his feet. His hands were in the air and he was muttering words that the girl could not hear when suddenly a small ball of flame appeared in the boy’s hands. The girl almost fell over again.

How did that happen? She thought, taking her eye away from the wall. She looked through again and saw the boy manipulating the flame and alighting a small candle sitting on the dusty floor. Pleased with himself, the boy picked up and admired the candle. The girl was shocked, someone had to know about this, she thought. This cannot go on.

The girl ran all the way back to her house to tell her mother about this happening. She relayed the information to her mother, all the while staring transfixed at her mother’s beautiful long blonde hair.

The End

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