Chapter 4

In the week that passed the book was never far from Matthias’ mind and he would often go up to his room and try to read the old and dusty pages, but he never got far. One day he came across a very peculiar entry in the book. It was a set of detailed instructions on how to make flowers grow in dirt without water. He was interested by this entry because he had never seen flowers before. He had heard of them, they once grew all around Nordale. Closing his eyes in anticipation, Matthias lifted his hands as the book instructed him and flicked his fingers at the pot.

“Wæter” he muttered, as to finish. He slowly opened his eyes and gazed at the pot sitting on his windowsill. Nothing whatsoever had changed about the pot. Frustrated, he closed the book with a slam and threw it to the wall.

“Matthias!” yelled his mother. “What are you doing up there?”

“Nothing,” replied Matthias.

“Well if you’re doing nothing you can do your chores!” she yelled.

Matthias slowly got off of the floor of his room and walked out, oblivious to the phenomenon occurring on his windowsill. A small green sapling was appearing from the top of the pot.


Meanwhile, in a land far away, a figure cloaked in black was glancing into a cloudy glass ball. Wisps of white light swirled around in the ball when suddenly a bright spark that had not been seen in two hundred years appeared in the midst of the murky ball. The figure was surprised and jumped back, her hood falling off her head. She had long blonde hair that rested gracefully on her shoulders. She stood up and studied the ball.

Finally, she thought, it’s time.

On that night the sound of wicked laughter surrounded the earth and swallowed it whole.

The End

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