Chapter 3

It was the morning of the demolishment of the observatory. Matthias had cleared all of his things that he had collected over the years from the observatory last night. He had even managed to save an old telescope. He was sad to see the place go. One of the only places he could be himself and not worry about other people talking about how strange he was. Matthias quickly forced down his breakfast and ran out the door with his rucksack as not to miss the demolition. He knew that not many people would be there to see it go. They didn’t care. They only thought that the King’s building was important when it could be used. They weren’t interested in seeing an old eyesore be torn down. Matthias made it to the site just as a huge wrecking ball was readying beside the rotten walls. The man controlling the ball set it into motion and it collided with the wall with a crash. The building was torn down from the roof and dust billowed around the small crowd who were watching the demolition. The all cheered as the metal walls were brought down, Matthias couldn’t handle the noise of the people and the building pressing in on him. He ran away, as fast as his feet could carry him. He didn’t know where he was going; he just knew he had to get away from the noise. He slammed into an old wooden door and was confused at why there was a wooden door in the middle of the city. There were only metal doors in the city of Nordale, or so he thought.  There was no handle on the door so he felt around and found a small crack in the side. Looking around to see if there was anyone watching him, he opened the door a crack and slipped inside where he was bathed in darkness. He got his flashlight from his bag and turned it on to find himself inside an old wooden house, with cobwebs covering every surface. A small creature scuttled around the floor. Matthias saw that it wasn’t mechanical like the one’s he saw every day. He opened his book and found a drawing of the creature.

“Spidurr”, he muttered. “Oh, it’s a spider!”

The creature scuttled out of the flashlight’s beam of light and took refuge in the dusty cobwebs. Another door stood facing Matthias on the other side of the room. This one did have a handle. He turned it and cracked open the door, fearing what stood on the other side. An old dusty book lay on a shelf inside the room; he shined the beam on the book and read the title.

“Majik?” he muttered. He opened the book and was covered with dust. He wiped the old page with his hands and read. There were many illustrations of strange people and things. Old words that he had never heard of before. And descriptions of unknown things and places.

He was interrupted by a bang outside and he quickly slipped the book into his rucksack. He hobbled out of the house, weighed down by the extra weight of the strange book he had picked up. He made it back to his house just in time to quickly rush of for his lesson on the history of Nordale with his tutor. Every kid of his age had to learn the history of Nordale and its previous Kings and Queens. He couldn’t concentrate all lesson though, his mind firmly on the strange book lying abandoned in his room.

The End

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