Chapter 1

200 Years Later

Bells rung all around the courtyard as the citizens of Nordale celebrated the 50 year anniversary of their beloved King. Every year on this day each person in the city of Nordale took the day off work to celebrate the coronation of their King. Today everyone in the town joined in the crowd as the King stepped out onto the balcony to greet his subjects. Everyone’s eyes were transfixed to their marvellous leader. All but one. Squashed in the middle of the courtyard, with people unknowingly stepping on him. But the young boy didn’t notice or mind. All that mattered was his book. His magnificent book filled with the wonder of science. He loved science, and wished to be something more than a lowly clockmaker’s apprentice.

“Matthias!” shouted a woman in the crowd. She rushed over to him and pulled him out of the dirt. “Get your head out of that stupid book.” She yelled, ripping the book from his grip and throwing it away.

“Yes mother,” mumbled the boy. He looked up at the newly refurbished castle just in time to see the king stepping out onto the balcony and waving to his subjects. Matthias never understood why everyone loved the King so much. He was just a person who looked after the city. He didn’t really do anything for anyone. He struggled out of his mother’s firm grip on his shoulder and stumbled out of the crowd. His mother didn’t even notice he was gone, she was too busy clamouring to see the King as he walked through the crowd. Matthias ran all the way to the old abandoned observatory. The place he felt most safe.


The End

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