Matthias Stoker has never been a particularly special boy. But when he happens along an old spell book in a world where magic has been forgotten, he may just be the only one who can bring it back.

Many years ago in the kingdom of Nordale, magic in its many forms was plentiful as ever. People who were born with the special gift of witchcraft used it for the good of the kingdom. Sorcerers were admired, with many people appreciating their talents. Nordale was a blissful land and many people delighted in everyday tasks for the greater good. But, of course, all things good must soon come to an end. Soon, groups of magic users calling themselves ‘Moderators’ began dabbling in dark magic, magic that had never been used before. People who were not happy with the kingdom realised that they now had the power to overturn the people in power. Riots began. Masses of non-magic folk swarmed the castle with pitchforks, accompanying the many magicians who had learnt the dark arts. One day a riot got utterly out of control. Soon, the protestors broke into the castle and massacred many of the inhabitants working and living there. That day, the King’s wife and only son were killed. The King then passed a decree that every dark magic user in the land was to be found and banished from the kingdom. Any person found to be using dark magic was to be executed. Nordale slowly recovered after the loss of many of the leaders of its kingdom. But the king soon become madded with grief for the loss of his wife and son and killed himself as to join them. The King’s brother, who was at the time of the attack living in the kingdom of Orton, solemnly stepped up to take the kingdom. As to not to be discourteous to the late King’s last decree, he extended the act to include all magic users, no matter what kind of magic they were using. The kingdom of Nordale soon turned to sickness and poverty, but still the decree remained. The King became so obsessed with his non-magic land that he forbade anyone from the town ever to speak of magic, and wiped every recording of magic from every book across the land. Soon the people of Nordale simply forgot about magic and got on living as non-magic folk. Only a few recordings of magic remained, and these were kept out of the public’s reach by the people in power in every age. No one out of the power of the land ever knew about magic again.

The End

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