Something Out of Place

The man who had once seemed so threatening let us lead him like a child to my mom. James and Elias were in deep thought so it was left to me to comfort him. I put my hand gently on his forearm to guide him and he flinched away from me like I had burned him.

"Its alright," I said, my voice low and gentle "I won't hurt you. We're taking you to the Queen. She'll be able to help you. You won't be in any trouble, I promise." I smiled at him.

He looked at me with wide eyes, clearly confused. "Why would you help me?"

"It's not your fault that you were changed to be like that. I suspect you were an agent at one point, theres a scar on your arm that looks like you had a rank mark removed. So you were one of us once. We're not going to punish you for something that wasn't you fault."

The man remained silent from then onwards. Out of the corner of my eye, I watched the two agents. The fact that they had abilities like mine, though-as I could tell from the spell we just did, a huge amount less powerful and more limited than mine- made me wonder how many people actually could do what we could. And how much the government knew about this. I also wondered how long it would take the pair to realise  

I also itched to get out of my formal clothes already. While I was imprisoned, I had been dressed in poor-quality, often dirty or torn t shirts and jeans. Now I wore a formal dress that still allowed me freedom to move. What I wanted to wear was my agent dress; plain black tank tops and trousers, allowing me total freedom of movement. I put in contacts that turned my eyes a brilliant shade of green and tied my hair back from my face and nobody would recognise me except my mom, who came up with the disguise in the first place. It had been what I spent most of my time in before.

We presented the stranger to my mom and he was taken away to the infirmary.

"We can deal with him later." My mom said firmly, but with a smile so as not to alarm the poor guy. "Now, you two," she continued, turning to Elias and James, who immediately bowed their heads in a sign of respect "You are both aware of the second part of your mission regarding the device?"

My mom, among other things, had filled me in on this mission as well. In turn I had given her all the information I had about the Government from conversations I'd overheard.

They both nodded.

"A third agent, of the same rank, will also be joining you. She will meet you in the main hall shortly. I expect you to be setting out today-instructions will be in the normal place." She spoke briskly but not in a manner that was unpleasant at all. It was a combination of a kind tone and someone who did not allow any arguments.

"Is that understood?"

Both agents replied with an afirmative. My mom smiled, "Any questions?"

Neither agent seemed to have any they wanted to ask my mom, but both glanced at me. I shook my head slightly, indicating that I had no idea about who this other agent was going to be and that I couldn't talk with my mom there. The agents left, followed by the guards. My mom and I were alone and instantly we both relaxed more.

"I want you to go with them, Anya."

I was suprised and delighted all at once. A serious mission! "I'm assuming under disguise though?" I said cautiously.

"No one can know that you are in the SQS yet, Anya, I'm sorry. They have only just got their Princess back. If she is placed in danger, they would riot. Its better they think you are ill for a while okay?"

I nodded. "I don't mind, I'll get changed and meet them downstairs then?"

My mom smiled. "Good luck and try to bring everyone back please?"

"I promise!" I grinned excitedly.

"Off you go then." My mom laughed.

I changed quickly into my agent clothes, a black tank top which bared my arms and showed off my figure and slim-fitting trousers. I put the contacts in and met James and Elias in the hall.

"Hey, I think we're going to be working together. I'm Imogen."

The End

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