"What do we do with him?" Anya asked. All there was was silence. No one knew what to do, because this situation had never been brought up before. It was virtually impossible to enter the SQS HQ without being an agent, Princess or Queen. But then I had an idea.

 "Anya, how did you turn me good?" I asked. She shook her head.

 "I'm not strong enough." She said. I smiled.

 "But what about all of us together?" I replied. She looked up and smiled.

 "That could work. Here, both of you take my hands." She said,holding her hands out on either side of her. I grabbed the one nearest to me, and Elias did the same.

 "Okay, picture the colour white, and just the colour white. When you have that colour in your mind, do what you did with the energy; make it into a ball. Turn it into energy." We did so.

 "Now open your eyes, and throw it at the man." She ordered.

 When I opened my eyes, there was a ball of white light in my hand. It was hard to look at and very bright. We threw the balls at the man, and waited to see the outcome.

The End

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