The Gift

SQS Headquarters
6:04 AM


"Wait..." I said slowly. My mouth had troubles forming the words. "So you're telling me that... magic exists?"

"Yes," replied Anya. "And I've mastered it."

I pondered the inscrutable, unfathomable notion regarding the existance of this supernatural ability that the Princess posessed. Everything suddenly seemed surreal, like a dream that seemed so realistic. I'd never been told that it existed, and SQS never even spoke of it. We all knew that it didn't exist, that it couldn't possibly exist.

And yet here it was, staring me right in the face.

Anya spun her hands around, and cobalt flames rippled within her palms, the pale light illuminating the darkness. The light that cast upon her face only accentuated the fact that she looked so comfortable with it, like it wasn't the least bit strenuous to be capable of such a marvelous feat of wonder. She played with the fire, allowing it to lick the sides of her palms. It didn't seem to burn her, and I assumed that it did not harm the one who could cast it.

"Could you teach me?" I blurted out suddenly. She looked up suddenly, seemingly surprised at what I'd asked her. She looked like she was uneasy, as if she didn't know something that she was trying to find out.

"I could try to teach you and James, but I don't know if that could work," she said. She snapped her fingers, and the flames vanished into oblivion, disappearing without a trace.

"It could help a lot, right?" I asked.

"Yes, it could," she replied. "I'll try."

I nodded with a smile, thanking her. I looked over at James, who was my best friend again. I felt happy, glad that he was back to himself. "Thank you."

"Alright. Try this."

"Wait--what?" I asked.

"We're trying right now?" demanded James.

"Rub your hands together and clear your mind, closing your eyes," she said. I did as I was told, clearing my head. "Now you can try the easiest thing. I want you to think about energy--any kind of it. Light, electricity, anything." I imagined the moonlight as it fell across the dark grass, imagining it bathing me in its light. "Now picture it gathering in your palms while you draw your energy from what you were just thinking about."

I felt something odd stir inside me, and I felt something cold in my palms. I opened my eyes. There, hovering in my palms was an orb of silver light, flickering in and out of existance. It vanished, and I sighed. "I did it!" I exclaimed. It didn't seem to bother James as he focused. An orb of the same sort appeared in his palms, but it vanished quickly.

"That was good! Try again." I tried again, and this time, when I opened my eyes, the candles were alight. The flames were pulling towards James and I, the smoke curling over to us as if we were each our own gravitational field.

"Whoa..." James said as he opened his eyes. I lost concentration, and obviously so did he, because the flames winked out. There was suddenly a bright silver light, brighter than starlight. A small sphere hovered above Anya's hand, a silver aura flaring around it.

"You guys have... the gift! Just like I do!"

The End

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