That's Why It's Called The SECRET Queen's Service, I Guess...

Elias and I stared in awe at the grace and elegance of which the Princess moved in, moving her hands, causing colourful flames to erupt out of her hands, as she moulded them and moved them in an experienced way.

 We were both slack-jawed when she turned to us, smiling. She walked slowly toward us, still smiling.

 "What was that?" I asked, shocked. She took a breath.

"I can manipulate energy of all descriptions. Its an innate ability, like breathing so I don't get tired. All that limits me is the source of energy. I can move things, heal, create light or any other kind of energy. I can direct it and change it as I want. So light can become fire. Fire can become pure energy and move things. I had an idea about how to help James. They changed your personality by putting some kind of energy into you. What I did was basically knock that out. Which is why you will probably have a bruise from where you fell. Sorry about that by the way." She said. If Elias and my mouths could open any wider, they would hit the floor. Magic? No one had ever told us that existed.

 "But you cannot tell my mother that I've shown you this. No one is meant to know. I'm not supposed to trust anyone; but I definitely trust you. Even if you were recently, um, evil, James." She said looking left and right. I shrugged.

 "I should thank you for that. Thanks." I said. She smirked.

 "No need." She replied. I smiled, but Elias looked deep in thought.

The End

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