The Cure

Another crash. I ran as fast as I could, through corridors I barely remembered, padt people who gawped after me. As I burst into an empty room, the door rattled as something crashed into it. I sprinted over, kicking it open. In the corridor, Elias was backing away from James, who glared at me with crimson eyes.

Elias saw my hands, which glowed with what I had been preparing in my mind. It was a spell of sorts, something unique, an incantation I prayed would work.  I quickly muttered the final words as James closed his hands around his best friend's neck. James was knocked off his feet and fell to the ground.

"Dammit." I muttered under my breath, going over to him. I had a restraining incantation ready, but when James' eyes flickered open, they were blue. I smiled brightly, giving him my hand. He pulled himself up and I killed the glow on my hand.

"What was that?" Elias demanded.

"James won't turn again." I replied calmly and tried to leave. Both agents blocked my path. I sighed.

"Follow me, I'll show you why this Princess is so different." I turned, pulling my sleeves down to ensure they didn't see the Seventh Rank mark I carried on the inside of my wrist. I wore a slim-fitting dress, in a deep emerald edged with silver. The sleeves flared  at the ends and it fell losely from my hips, giving me freedom to move as I wanted. My hair, washed now, fell in long natural waves down my back, held away from my face with a comb. I said nothing to the agents with me as we went through the corridors.

"These agents are with me." I said to the guard at my door. "They can be trusted."

He nodded and let us pass. My rooms were spacious, furnished with simple elegance. There were a lot of books and weapons around the place, and a desk in front of the window, offering stunning views. A balcony door was open, letting a cool breeze in. Blues, purples and black dominated as colours. The wood was black and the metal glowed silver.

There was a plain locked door which I now made for. I paused with my hand on the handle, the key in my hand.

"I've never showed anyone except my mom this." I said to Elias and James, who looked amazed at where they were. "I trust you two and I hope after this you will trust me a bit more."

The door opened into a huge empty room. Scorch marks ran up one wall, craters another. There were scorched dummies scattered around and some positioned, evidently in preparation for target practice. A huge trough of water stood in one corner and flame torches illuminated the room. A scattering of weapons and odd, metal balls the size of shotputs littered the floor. The air stirred unnaturally. A small bookcase stood, looking out of place and slightly battered in the corner furthest from the rest of the items. A desk with two chairs was next to it, tucked away.

"Stand by the bookcase, I've mastered pretty much everything now but I don't want any accidents. Please, let me show you without interruptions, then you can ask whatever  you want."

The pair did as they were asked, looking confused.

I showed them everything. The more I showed, the more wary they both looked, and more stunned. When I was done, the flames, weapons and other items back as they had been, I walked over to them.

"What was that?" James asked, shocked.

"I can manipulate energy of all descriptions. Its an innate ability, like breathing so I don't get tired. All that limits me is the source of energy. I can move things, heal, create light or any other kind of energy. I can direct it and change it as I want. So light can become fire. Fire can become pure energy and move things. I had an idea about how to help James. They changed your personality by putting some kind of energy into you. What I did was basically knock that out. Which is why you will probably have a bruise from where you fell. Sorry about that by the way."

There was total silence as the pair digested the information. I stood, trying not to show my nerves.

The End

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