No I'm Okay...No, Now I'm Evil; Die.

I had woken up on the way home, and I wasn't turning evil any more. I knew I could hold it for a little while. We brought the Princess back to the Queen, then I spaced out, trying to stay focussed on not being evil.

 I wasn't listening to the conversation, but I saw everyone laugh, so I did the same, being careful not to let the Queen know that I might turn evil at any moment.

 We walked out of the Queens room/palace, and I instantly felt it coming back. I snarled as I threw myself at the wall. Getting knocked out seemed to work, so I crashed my head on the wall, and blackness overpowered me again.

-James' Evil Self-

I woke in a dark room. Stupid idiots. Did they truly think a room would stop me? How foolish. As I got up, I felt a clump of chains connected to my wrists and ankles. I was trapped. I rolled my eyes. Foolish. I broke the chains easily, and kicked down the door that was welded to its hinges. Being evil was so great and empowering.

The End

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