Emergency Action and Homecoming

Thankfully, both agents seemed okay as they escorted me out of the building I'd been held in for so long.

The one person we encountered on the way out was delt with swiftly. I decided not to be coy, displaying a little of what I had been taught. I did not want them thinking I was a liability.

We made it to the car without further incident and Elias took the wheel. He kept glancing in unhappy fear at his friend and I burned with anger on his behalf. Then I saw the red creeping across his eyes.

"Elias!" I yelled, suprising him "Land, now! If he attacks you while we are in the air at this speed we'll all be dead!"

He shook his head desperately, forcing more power into the already overworked engine. We were nearing a collection of buildings I assumed was the SQS headquarters. We weren't going to make it. The change was simply going too fast, as much as James was fighting it.

"Sorry, but this is for all our sakes" I whispered in his ear and found a pressure point on James' neck. He slumped instantly in the chair.

"What did you do?!" Elias yelled, almost losing control of the car.

"He's unconcious, there won't be any side-effects except the fact that we will all live." I said, calmer than I felt. "He'll be coming round in about an hour or so."

Elias regarded me in the rear mirror cautiously. "How do you know about that?"

"Training." I said quietly. "Though I prefer not to use it on people who want the same thing as me." When Elias still looked unconvinced, I added "I'm on the same side as you, Elias. If he was concious now, we would be dead."

Eventually he nodded, concentrating on getting us back safely. We carried James to a secure wing of the infirmary, explaining what had happened. Then Elias took me to see my mother.

When we finally got to the room and I saw her, all semblance of self-control fell away.

"Mom?" I sounded very young, even to myself as there was a slight quiver in my voice.  There was a pause, no more than a heartbeat as she stood, suprise and delight across her face. Then I rushed over to her, throwing my arms around her, fighting back the tears. She held me close, murmuring in my ear.

"Welcome home, Anya." It was the first time anyone had used my name since I'd been taken.

Eventually, we both turned to see Elias, still standing there. I went over to him.

"I can never thank you enough for what you have done. Both you and James." I said to him, ignoring any kind of protocol I may be breaking. "I will never forget this. If there is anything you should want, do not heistate to ask."

Elias nodded respectfully. "Thank you Princess."

"Call me Anya, please." I smiled. After a beat, Elias smiled back.

"I'll see you around, Elias." I called over my shoulder. "But first, I'm having a shower!" Elias grinned and my mother laughed as I left the room, guided by one of the advisors that littered the area. Everywhere I went, whispers broke out. I was home.

The End

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