Friendship Kills

New Government Building
4:07 AM


The Princess followed us once more as we stalked through the darkness of the New Government Building. My eyes had already adjusted to the darkness, and so had James's. The Princess seemed like she would be fine for now. I looked over at James, seeing him struggle with his second consciousness. The one that would soon envelop him and turn his calm blue eyes crimson.

We were running, and when we found the stairs, we went down them. Sprinting at fult tilt, James and I led while the Princess followed. Though normally I would feel only exhilaration, I felt... saddened. I could not enjoy a moment like this knowing that my best friend was fighting not to kill me. My heart thumped slowly as I thought.

He seemed under control, but I knew that if I wasn't careful, I could be detrimental to our whole mission. If he got angry and his other side took over, we were dead. Literally.

We reached the ninety first floor, and we rushed through the door, taking the elevator. The door closed, and the silence that followed was unbearable. No one spoke as the elevator moved slowly down the floors, heading to the first one. I knew that we would have to act quickly when we got out, and I was scared. What if we were in the car and he flipped out?

The elevator stopped abruptly, and the doors trembled, ready to open. Someone was coming in!


The doors opened just as the three of us were able to be nimble and agile enough to climb up the railings in the elevator and hold ourselves to the top of it. When the muscled man got in and closed the elevator door, he went to press the 'LOBBY' button that was already lit up. He looked confused, and he looked around. I watched the Princess drop down over him, her legs wrapping around his neck. She crushed his neck with her legs, and after I heard a crunch, I was shocked.Well, being the Queen's daughter she must have learned how to defend herself, I thought.

I dropped down next to James, and the elevator continued down. When it finally reached the lobby, we all stuck to the walls, making sure no one was there. I pulled out a special disk and tossed it into the lobby. There were three steady beeps, and then the light came.

It was like a camera flash, only a thousand times brighter. We all ran past the disoriented lobby workers as the light faded and the disk self-destructed, causing smoke to billow up around us. We escaped through the doors and we all jumped into the beautiful car. I climbed into the front, and I gunned it.

The car lurched, then sped off into the night.

The moon was still in the sky, and the faint stars were still twinkling in the night sky as they winked out one by one. They were like a blur as I raced through the empty sky. I needed to get back to SQS HQ before James's control faded! I drove faster, going 180 mph. I watched the speedometer needle push forwards more, surpassing even 210...

The car was whizzing through the air, and it sounded like someone had shot a bullet from the barrel of a gun. We were almost there. I could feel it. I saw the place where we would land!

When I couldn't drive any faster, I looked over at my best friend, who was riding right next to me. I felt horrible, having to side glance every few seconds to make sure my best friend wouldn't attack me while I was at the wheel.

The landscape of SQS Headquarters became more defined, more like trees and buildings in the hazy distance rather then splotches of colour, which they had been only seconds ago. I slowed down as I landed, and I sprinted towards HQ. I knew that the two of them were following me, but then something happened.

I felt the need to turn around.

When I did, James was twitching, one eye as calm and blue as the sea, the other crimson like the fiery pits of Hell. He was being taken over again, and there was nothing we could do about it. His blue eye began to melt into red, and I knew that he would be evil in seconds.

I'd never hated anyone more than I hated who had done this to James. Never.

The End

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