It's Oka- Oh No It's Not!

 New Government Building

4:00 am

-James' Good Self-

Elias had been a little bit edgy around me. I knew I only had a little while to be good, so I had to be quick. I had to get them to safety before I turned bad. i needed to get back to the SQS HQ so that they can chain me up until they know how to change me back for good.

 He kept giving me quick side-ways glances, obviously to see if I was about to attack him. I had to prove to him that I was truly good.

 He saideways-glanced me again, so then I said something.

 "Look, if I were evil, you'd be dead by now. Trust me. I know my evil mind, and I know that he wouldn't have gone on this long without killing you. It's harsh but true." I exclaimed. He was shocked by my outburst, but obviously a little more comfortable.

 We were outside the Princess' chamber. I only had a little time to do this, because I knew that all of the guards would know that I had escaped. I unlocked the door, and the Princess screamed. probably scared because she didn't know that I was good. I had to prove it to her too? This was hard work.

 "He's not evil. For now." Elias explained.

The End

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