Shattering Hopes


 Perfect. My so called friend was finally locked up in the dark, where he shall stay to go mad. The Princess (the cause of my turning evil) was locked up again, but this time, anyone who wanted to save her would have to have super strength, a password and red eyes. And they'd have to have exactly the right shade of red --brighter than blood, darker than fire. More of a red tinted burgundy colour-- but most of all, they'd have to have evil thoughts. No one could get in there to save her.

 I smirked without knowing it. I was laying on a bed, twirling a throwing knife in my hand. It was a gift from my 'captor'. It was all black, but had a twirling neon blue pattern going up it. I loved it. It was made especially for me. It was the perfect weight for my throws, and it looked incredible. I was bliss-full. 

 I heard a rat and I decided to test out my knew gift. I flicked my wrist, and the knife seemed to know what I was aiming for, because it followed the rat by itself, and caught it. I heard a faint squeak and then silence. I then laughed quietly to myself. I loved being evil.

 Suddenly I felt a blackness pass over me, and then I saw it. I moaned and then I was out of it.

 -James' Good Mind-

 Did I really just do that?! I can't believe I found out how to control him! Now to save Elias and the princess. 

 I urged evil me toward the door, picking up the stupid knife on the way out. It could come in handy. I made him take a step before the hole that was meant to be a door, and I was in complete control. I walked slowly out into the bright hallway, and headed for the stairs. I still had evil me's mind in me, so I knew where to go. He couldn't hide anything from me in there. I flew down two flights of stairs to run into Elias.

The End

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