Shattered Hope

New Government Building
2:39 AM


My eyes fluttered open slowly.

At first, I thought I was dead. Darkness swelled around me, swirling in an endless pattern of nothingness. Everywhere was darkness. I saw nothing, not even with my enhanced vision. Pain flourished and ravaged the inside of my body like pain worse than the bullet wound. But the pain was not only physical. It was emotional as well. My friend. My friend had been turned. Not only that, but he'd hurt me. James's newly acquired strength and lack of conscience had permitted him to throw the friend he's had since birth.

I began to wish I was dead.

The unbearable pain and suffering that came with the loss of a best friend made hatred spring forth in my body. I remembered his bright cherry coloured eyes when they were inches away from me, I remembered the fierce look on his face as he tossed me like I was scum, how he threw me to the guard and the feeling I'd had when I'd hit my head on the floor after being tossed into the beckoning darkness that now engulfed me.

I felt across the floor, holding back the tears that were welling up in the back of my eyes. There was no sign of the Princess. I sighed with frustration. "What the hell!" I yelled. My voice echoed off of something. I yelled again, and I heard the faint thrumming, the reverberation of my voice off of an item. Using my trained ear, I yelled again. The item was made of a special metal, and it was big. It was hollow, though, and I knew because I was hearing my own voice echoing across the pitch-black room. I walked with my hands out until I felt the large, cold metal thing under my palms.

I felt around it, finding a kind of switch. I pushed it up, and there was a brilliant flash of light in the cylindrical machine. I shielded my eyes, and the light faded. When I removed my arm from my face, the room was lit by a dim glow. The metallic cylinder looked devilish, and I guessed that was the machine that had been wired to send subliminal messages into someone's brain to reverse their very foundation of thought, altering their perception on everything, thus turning them 'evil'. I swore angrily, and I looked around, finding a large wrench.

I also became conscious that even though they'd taken all of the gadgets I'd had in my bag, they hadn't found the ones in my belt. I took the wrench and opened the door, trying to gouge holes into the metal. Metal on metal didn't work, so I had a better idea.

I went behind the cylinder and analyzed the wires that criss-crossed each other. Then, I pulled out my knife and began cutting them. I was careful not to touch any of the broken wires together ir touch them at all, and I was satisfied when I'd almost cut the last wire. Then I realized that once I cut the wire, the lights would all go out. Instead, I turned and focused on finding a way out.

The bolted door was melted shut, and I couldn't get through. So I decided to do something smart. I knew there were probably guards watching the door with my senses, and so I jumped into the small cavity in the wall above the door. Then, I took out a sound bomb and but in my earplugs. They would block out the sound completely, and the sound would shatter any glass in the room. It had blades on the side, and so I threw it behing the cylinder to break the wire and shut out the lights.

It exploded, but I only saw it, never heard. I knew that there was a loud screeching noise that could make your ears bleed and rupture your eardrums. I saw glinting pieces of glass fall, shattered out of what I guessed was probably the cylinder. The door below me imploded, and I saw a stream of light fall into the room. Three muscled guards trudged into the room, covering their ears.

To disarm the sound, they would have to get in behind the cylinder, which they probably couldn't fit int. On top of that, I'd cut the wires, and so the armed men would drop like they'd been Tasered if they tried to get behind there. Smiling in triumph, I dropped silently into the doorway and stepped out. I picked up the door and slammed it into place. Then, I found the blowtorch they'd used and I re-melded it into the doorway. I heard their footsteps and heard them yelling when I took out my earplugs, but only because of my heightened hearing.

I walked down the hall, and my smile faded. My hope was shattered, my pride bruised, the Princess was gone, and my friend was lost.

This day wasn't what I'd thought it would be.

The End

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