I sneered at Elias. Taunting him. This despicable person before me wasn't just my enemy. He was a small, idiotic wimp. I stared at the ground. It wasn't in shame or guilt, but I was gathering enough power to- thump!

 I'd pushed Elias so far away that he slid down the back wall of the lift that was at least four yards away from us. I ran there, never tiring or changing my fast pace. I chuckled, finally truly happy. I squinted my blood-red eyes and kicked Elias in the gut. He grunted then passed out. I sneered again, lifted him up, and threw him to the guard like he was a rugby ball.

 I then walked gracefully, following the guard, grabbing the Princess' arm on my way. She struggled, but I didn't let go. She was a weakling next to my new strength.

 The guard threw Elias' limp body into a pitch black room. I liked the look of him there. I looked at him as if he was dead. But killing him was just a threat. I wasn't actually allowed. We needed him as a prisoner. But I wasn't going to be held down by rules! I was evil!

The End

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