I stared helplessly as the dorr thuded behind the impossibly powerful man. His arms had rippled with thick muscles, and his thunderous, booming laugh had echoed as it rumbled from his armored chest. My heart thudded to a stop as I heard the clanking of machinery, and some kind of strange noise that I couldn't place. The Princess looked just as worried as I imagined I did, and I started towards the door. I knew it was feutile to try to open, but I tried anyways. The strong guard who had seemingly been on a newly developped steroid simply laughed maniacally.

I fumbled with the door, and my strength built high in my body as I kicked at the iron-wrought door. It was reinforced with a new kind of steel, and my attempts became weaker and weaker as they dragged farther and farther apart from each other. I back away from the room which contained my captured friend. Is he alright? The guy is probably killing him in there! I thought angrily. Something answered my question. It was an unmistakable voice-- I'd heard it before. It was James.

He was... laughing.

The laugh was different than his normal ones. It seemed... odd. There was an edge to it, a kind of doubled sound that made him sound like he was using a double voice-over that made him sound like two people were laughing. The laugh, however, was melancholy. It was bad to hear, for the sound was the equivalent of fingernails on a chalkboard. The horrendous sound made me wince in terror, and I gaped as I backed away. The door exploded outwards, flying across the room into the far wall. James now stood in the doorway, looking at the floor.

"J-- James?" I asked. "Buddy? You in there?"

He shook a bit, his shoulders rising and falling. An odd sound was produced from his throat, and I realized it was a chuckle. He looked up, and my heart sank at what I saw. This was not the James I knew.

His face was different-- not physically viewable for the most part, but it was. His mouth was a thin line, the corners upturned in a scary smile. His nose seemed stiffer, and his eyebrows thicker. But the eyes-- oh, the eyes. I stared in shock at them. The brilliant glow that was created by his crimson irises chilled me to the bone. His dark eyelashes brushed over his strange eyes, and I knew that I had no idea who this new James was.

He was alien to me.

I gaped at his frightening pale face, not knowing what to do. "What... what the hell happened... to you?" I asked, shivering. He chuckled again, and I jumped at the sound that pained me.

"I saw the other side's perspective in just minutes," he explained, his voice still doubled. The authoritative sound made it seem like he was possessed. "I was in the wonderful machine tha showed me pictures. Things that you've done behind my back. Manipulative, horrible things. There was a flash of red light, and there were words on the screen that said, 'evil'. I embraced the word, defining it in my head as I walked here. It means morally bad, or wrong, am I right? Well, I'll try to redefine those terms."

"But... James..." I muttered, my heart icing over.

"Sorry," he said. "My orders were clear. I need to kill you." He winked as he used to, a mocking gesture. I shook, my temper rising.

I soon figured out that it wasn't my temper that was rising. It was my tears. They dropped from my eyes, blurring my vision momentarily, and I wiped them away. "How could... you..." I asked. "HOW COULD YOU?!"

"Quite easily, in fact," he said.

"James..." I sobbed. I turned to the man who was responsible. "You'll pay. I swear I'll kill you!"

"No need for swearing," said a new voice. A man stepped out of the room they'd just been in. His black hair was smooth with luster, and his eyes looked aged. Not unlike the sunken eyes of James. I recognized him as the head of the New Government. "I'm the one who is truly behind this occurrence." He smiled.

"You low-life, bottomfeeding, sadistic, son of a--" I started.

"No name-calling either," replied the man.

"I. Am. Going. To. KILL. You." I said, enunciating each distinct word. "Do you hear me? You're going to die!"

Before I started at him, a pair of crimson eyes were staring two inches from my face. "No," said James. "I'll kill you."

The End

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