I scowled angrily at Elias. Always wanting to be the brave guy, even if it meant his life. I looked toward the princess. She was beautiful; even prettier than the Queen herself. She had long glossy black hair that hung straight to the middle of her back. She had protruding cheek bones and her lips looked like they were pouting. They were full, glossy lips, and they were the same shade as her tanned skin.

 Her eyes were a golden-brown colour, and when we crawled under any lights, they almost glowed the colour of honey. They were framed by very thick, long eyelashes that cast shadows around her eyes. Her nose was boxy and small.

 She looked at me, and I saw real fear in her eyes. I sighed and stopped.

 "We should stop." I uttered.

 "No, we n-need to keep going!" Elias said, straining his voice. I shook my head, frowning.

 "No. We're stopping." I turned towards my backpack and got out the first aid kit. This kit wasn't like any of the old ones back in 2096; no, these ones were robotic. A green keyboard popped up, and I typed in Shot leg. The box produced a robotic hand which was holding a bandage and other things for the leg. I looked away when it did it. Whenever it worked, a blinding light erupted from the hand. I heard Elias scream, and that was when I knew it was done. Elias was sweating and panting.

 "I hate those things..." He said, his voice clear and elegant again. I nodded, grabbed the Princess' hand and pulled her along. She crawled willingly beside me. Elias leopard crawled because his legs weren't yet up to holding his own weight.

 When we finally got to the right place, I threw a green device down that would knock anyone out that wasn't wearing the correct protection. Elias and I put our's on quickly, and I put the Princess' on for her. She nodded to say thank you. Suddenly, the device spurted out green smoke. I heard three thumps, and waited for the smoke to turn clear. That was when I knew it was done.

 The smoke turned almost invisible, so I kicked myself out of the air vents. I jumped down, somersaulted to buy myself time, and landed gracefully on my feet. Elias did exactly the same at the same time. The Princess jumped down, and landed gracefully but with no twists or somersaults. She had to have had at least some training, obviously.

 I didn't have time to check out my surroundings, because a guard appeared round the corner. He aimed his gun at me, but I didn't give him time to shoot. I attacked him, but he yanked me off of him and dragged me away quickly. I writhed around as he pulled me. He brought me into a dark room, and locked the door several time. These guards seemed to have been on some sort of very strong steroids.

 The light turned on and there was some sort of machine in front of me. It was red and looked like a menacing Henry Hoover. Two claws clamped around my head, and My vision was filled with a red light. Darkness.

* * *

 I woke up angrily. How dare they try to attack me like that? Me eyes fluttered open, and I scowled at the guard. I knew what they did, why they did it, and I liked it.

 I was evil.

The End

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