Riding the Lift


New Government Building


 Though the building was new and modern, the elevator was still part of the old building; the old, shabby one that was here before the SQS built it up. It ran very slowly, and I was getting impatient. I slumped down in the corner. This lift was never used when we inhabited this place.

 I was prepared for boredom, so I whipped out my MP3, and listened to a couple of my favourite songs. After five or so minutes, the doors slid open, showing an empty corridor. I listened to my senses. There were definitely people here. I knew that Elias already knew that too, so I got out a gadget from my rucksack. It was good old tear gas. Amplified to make your eyes bleed. Elias and I put on a pair of protective glasses, which would never be fashionable.

 We walked through the corridor, sniggering quietly at the moans of the soldiers and guards. I got out a torch that could light up anything, and see through smoke or gas. Handy. Elias switched his on too. One tough guy was running round the corner, but he stopped when he saw the gas. I ran towards him, jumped high in the air, twisted and kicked his head. He was out cold. Another guard ran out, so I grabbed his back, tripped him, and kicked him to Elias, who caught him by the shoulders, somersaulted whilst still grasping the guard's shoulders. Elias landed gracefully. The guard crashed to the floor. I looked toward Elias and smiled. A signal for 'Good work!'.

 I walked slowly with my back against the wall as I neared the corner that the guards came out of. I saw a door at the end of the corridor, and that was the only door. I peered toward the ceiling to find booby-traps. Obviously, they'd set up a few. But it was nothing too fancy. Just a few crossbows triggered to movement. I dodged some of the bolts, and jumped on to the wall to jump to the top of the wall opposite. It took a second to disarm that crossbow. I brought it down with me. I aimed at the rest of the crossbows, and shot them all so the fell to the ground. They shot out a few bolts that slid across the floor as the crossbows span around shooting, but we just jumped over them as we ran. I turned to see Elias disarm one, pick it up, and take its bullets out to put them in his backpack. I decided to do the same with mine. 

 We ran to the door, and just as I was about to kick it down, I saw something move quickly toward me, and then just blackness. I groaned, and I heard another thump, and Elias' groan too.

The End

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