Up, Up, Up

New Government Building


I watched as James threw a mirror towards the far wall, knowing exactly what he was doing. I lay there, watching as it landed with a faint clattering, and teetered once. It dropped forward, the glass facing to the right. Light glinted off the silvery surface, and I adjusted myself to see. It was reflecting what was in the next room. In the glass, I watched as three men talked in what seemed like a sort of lobby. The front desk was unoccupied, and the three of them stood there, probably waiting for someone to come out of the door behind there. Behind them were a set of elevators guarded by a bulky man with thick muscles that made his uniform look small on him.

I heard footsteps behind us, and I knew it was probably a security guard. I told James not to do anything-- I had an idea. Hering every single distinct step and knowing the guard was trying to conceal them, I waited until I knew that the man was standing over me. Then, I pushed myself into a handstand position with my arms, and before the guard could speak, I kicked him in the throat hard. He slumped to the ground, and shook a bit. I got down on the floor, striking him hard in between his shoulder blades. He shook, his body spasming, and then he didn't move.

I pulled his uniform off of him, taking everything from him. "What are you doing?" asked James.

"Being the genius that I am," I said, grinning. He smiled back, nodding in approval as I pulled on the shirt. I puffed up my chest and stood up. I walked around the corner, and stepped behind the desk. "Gentlemen?"

"Who are you?" demanded one man, his voice rough.

"Who does it look like I am?" I asked, trying to find the answer out myself.

"The person who runs the front desk," said another man. I nodded vigorously, and waited for them to say something else. "We need to know where the Princess's vault key is."

"Pardon me? The key to where the Princess is? I'd need you to tell me where she is first."

"She's on the ninety ninth floor," answered the same man.

"Ninety ninth floor..." I muttered as I turned and headed in back to find the key. I looked on the wall, not knowing how many keys there were. I was sure there were over a thousand. "Would you like to come help me?" I called. I heard footsteps, and one man walked in.

He examined the wall for a while, and pulled down a set of keys, then left the room. I followed him quickly, and just as he turned, pretended to bump into him. I signaled to James at the same time, just as I grabbed the keys from the man and smacked him in his temple. He stumbled back, stunned by the blow just as James got out of his hiding spot. I pulled out a special gadget from my pocket, turning the knob on it. Black strings flew out the sides, and I threw it at the bulky guard who was running at us. The ropes caught his legs and tightened, volts of lightning shuddering through his thickly muscled body.

I turned just as James brought another man down by his neck, kneeing him in the crouch and kicking his temple to knock him out. There were two guys left, and one had a phone to his ear. I pulled out a shuriken, one of the new weapons we'd gotten. It was an old Japanese weapon, a four pointed star that had sharp tips. A hold was in the middle so it would fly better. I threw the shuriken, and it sailed through the air. The man was all the way on the other side of the room, two hundred paces away. The ninja star spun quickly, cutting through the air as it neared the man. It sliced right through the phone, and the man turned to the elevator. The shuriken was faster, and it nailed into the middle of the up button, cracking and breaking it with the phone still lodged halfway into it.

I analyzed the situation quickly. Two down, two to go. One man on the far side of the room next to a broken elevator. To his right was a door that must have led to thousands of stairs. He was stunned, and based on his tall and lean body type, he was pretty quick. Then there was the slightly bulkier man closest to me. His eyes flitted between me and James. I looked more carefully at him, seeing the hallway we'd gone down to get here reflected in his pupil. That was where he was headed. All this took two seconds.

Without having to think, I pulled out a small spherical object I tossed it on the ground, and both James and I jumped onto the front desk at the same time. The sphere opened up, tingling for a minute. Then, just as the bulky man ran to the hallway and the other man grabbed the door handle, the object's function began. It emmited a powerful shockwave, the azure electricity radiating from the center of the object all around the room. It touched the man who ran to the hallway, and he shook violently, spasms exploding through his body. He dropped to the ground, smoke rising from his fried body.

Next was the other man. The electricity crawled up the door, attatching to the metal door handle that his hand was resting on. It zapped him, and he too fell to the ground, curls of smoke hugging his unconscious body. James and I jumped each time the shockwave came, making sure we would be hit as it snaked across the ground. I disarmed it and put it in my pocket. James smiled at me, heading towards the door with the stairs. The keys jingled in my pocket. We opened the door, and trudged through it carefully. When we knew it was safe, James led the way up to the next floor where we would use the elevator.

We got to the door of the next floor, and James produced another item from his pocket. This one was special. One of my favorites, in fact. He threw the cube into the room, and I heard as the mechanisms in the object spurred to life. He slammed the door, and a sound was emitted from the object. We opened the door, stepping into complete and utter darkness. The object had the ability to pull all energy into it. That meant: lights out. The lights were out-- but only the lights, not the power. We listened as about six people groaned and talked furiously about the lights, and James and I retrieved the object and felt along the wall to press the elevator button.

When it came, no one knew except us. The lights on it were out, so they couldn't see it. James disarmed the item. We pressed the 99, and it lit up. Everywhere in the building had regained light.

We were heading up.

The End

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