Twentieth of July
1:37 AM
The Streets


 I was used to Elias' driving, having driven with him since we were about twelve. Only spies can drive young. We -especially us two- can be trusted with a car. But, even though I was used to the crazy driving, it was still a relief to get out. He drove fast, but not as if he was in a hurry; more like he was driving efficiently.

 I breathed a slow sigh of relief. He rolled his eyes.

 "Still nervous about driving?" he laughed quietly. I shook my head,

 "Driving? No. You driving? Definitely." He rolled his blue eyes again. I scowled jokingly. We both looked toward the tall building. No joking now. This was going to be a pain. Though it looked harmful outside, the inside wasn't. It was worse. We'd been in here before, way back when we were initiated. This used to be HQ before it was sold by the agency. We were always moving.

 Getting through the doors was easy enough. But that's all a normal human being would be able to do. But we weren't normal human beings. As soon as we walked into the building, we looked around, smelt, tasted and paid close attention to our feelings. That was our best weapon. Our initiative. No one was there. We were sure of that.

 We both immediately crouched down and walked slowly and stealthily along the walls, running our hands along the walls. This was how we were taught to enter an empty building.

 We rounded a corner, and dropped to the floor to start leopard crawling the rest of the way down the corridor. We didn't need any signals to do this; we did it without thinking. Most of the stuff we did without thinking was the right thing to do. That's how we were trained.

 There was another corner at the end. I slowed when we were nearing it. I got out a small mirror, and threw just the right was so it landed against the wall on the other side, angled toward the corridor. It showed everything that was there.

The End

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