To Walk the Crowd Unnoticed

July Twentieth
1:37 AM
The Streets


I stepped out of the headquarters, and walked through the shadows. There was a thick forest to my right, surrounding the whole area. It was cloaked as well. I walked slowly toward the forest west of the headquarters, and turned right quickly. I walked with James close at my heels, and we entered the strange forest that we'd been through almost every day of our lives. I wove through the dense forest, muscle memory rather then thought. The pale moonlight illuminated our way though it was dim, lighting a path for us to follow. The forest ended abrubtly only meters away, and we trudged straight through it.

We fell into step behind a group of people on the sidewalk, unnoticed as we left the forest. That was our spy skills coming into play. Bright neon lights made the whole place lively. You'd think the streets wouldn't be busy, but because of the society here, people hardly slept. Mixed among the crowd were Sentinels, bionically enhanced humans who were like protective cyborgs. They could generate energy from their cores, and shoot bright beams of searing power. It could kill on contact.

We nudged past the dangerous things that were now so easy for us to identify. Far, far off, in the town of Coldwater that lied an hour away was our destination. In a towering building, tall as a skyscraper was the Princess. The building had thirty eight floors, and when it was dark, it lit up, like a cobalt beacon of light. The glass tower also acted as the meeting place of the New Government, a fraternity that had become the government in the past decades. They were reffered to as, luminous and bright. Everyone thought they truly cared, and that they were like angelic beings.

But every light casts a long shadow.

And that rule was no exception to the New Government. They had dark and unfathomable secrets, and cruelty was embedded into their very cores. No one could see this except for us. Nobody except for SQS. I stared off into space, looking at the false moon that was also set up in the sky. The phony light was so weak, and the stars were like snowflakes frozen in the sky. I knew it was fake. Everyone around me knew it was fake.

But for some reason, no one seemed to care. They didn't care because they didn't know about the inscrutable events that would soon unfold, putting us all at the mercy of the ruling government. Their dominion's reaches outstretched that of the Queen herself, for even She could not extend her sovereignety across the whole world. Yet, even so, her rule was there. People repected her... they had just been brainwashed to think that the New Government was above her law.

So as we headed towards our new means of travel, we did so in silence. The beautiful Lamborghini Embolado chirped as I pressed down on the keys. The lights flashed, and I pressed down keys. The car seemed to come to life. It lifted from the ground, moving closer to us. We got in, the car hovering above the ground. I changed the gear to 'flight' and the car raced through the air over all the traffic. When I saw an open spot on the road, I gunned the car, allowing it to land gracefully upon the road, and kicked it into gear. The engine roared to life as it lurched forwards.

Technically, what I was doing was illegal. Though most cars had been improved to be able to master flight capability, it was dangerous, and therefore against the law. So technically, it wasn't allowed.

Technical, shmechnical...

The End

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