Getting Started

 On the night of the mission, I would've thought I'd get goosebumps, but no. I didn't even hyperventilate. I was completely calm, getting dressed in my room. I wore a thin cotton, black and white checker shirt that was rolled up to my elbow. I hadn't yet done up my buttons, so my chest and torso was still showing. You could see the necklace that I wore around my neck. It had a pure silver chain, and the pendant was of a Celtic water symbol. It sat on my muscled chest, glittering in the shine of the artificial sun which the government had put up after putting up a wall around the Earth.

 I felt sad, thinking about the day that happened. The day my father died. He was one of the first. The oxygen which was no longer as strong hadn't filled his lungs properly, so he died. We evolved to fix that problem. We have special lungs that can turn any type of air into oxygen.

 I'd already put on my dark skinny jeans. Normally, I wouldn't wear something so casual, but we had to look average to go out in the streets. I walked out of the room at the same time as Elias did.

The End

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