The New Mission


Looking over at Elias, I smiled. He smiled back. I'd seen that crooked smile many times before. It meant: you ready? I couldn't help but to allow the excitement to build up in me. We both stood at the same time, and we turned left and headed towards Main Hall, where we would find out what mission would be laid upon us.

Anticipation almost visible on my, the air around me crackling with my excitement, Elias and I walked forwards. Great statues of stone knights holding swords and shields adorned the hallway we walked along as we trudged deeper into the palace of the Queen. My heart skipped beats, and I was sure the same thing was happening to Elias as we got closer and closer to our destination. Shadows rippled across the hall from the dim moonlight that drifted into the palace through large, stained glass windows that depicted the Queen and her father. I began to think of my father... the father I used to have.

I couldn't exactly picture him well because I hadn't seen him since I was six, but I knew just how important he'd been to SQS. We were going to surpass my father. He'd taught me the ways of the spy.

The teacher had become the student.

Well, he would have been, if he was still alive. Elias and I were entering the Seventh Rank... we were only minutes away from our mission! The jobs would become harder, I knew it, and I was ready for that. We stepped out of the narrow hallway we'd been walking in and turned the corner. There was the Main Hall. A long hallway that ended in a room shaped into a perfect square, the Main Hall was where we'd receive all of our missions.

We headed down the hallway, too ecstatic to speak. Once we entered the room, I looked in the center of the room. There was an odd disk that glowed blue, casting an eerie light around the room. Shadows from the light played across the planes of Elias's pale face, the same thing happening to my own. Me eyes were blue as well, the same sparkling colour that made us look like we had the same eyes.

 Suddenly, the disc floated into the air, hovering about fifty centimeters from it. I looked at Elias at the same time that he looked at me, both of us excited. The center of the disc began to glow brightly, and a shimmering image exploded from the middle of it. It was a scene, an odd one at that. There was a beautiful girl in the image who ressembled the Queen. Her clothes were tattered and her face was soiled. She was lying behind a glass pane with two bulky men standing outside the strange prison. The image enlarge on her, and I saw a cube lying on the ground. Inside the cube swirled a strange purple mess inside. The cube shook, and darkness envelopped the room. When the darkness cleared, she looked worse then she was before, and I knew the cube was feeding on her life force.

The image changed, and there was a group of people sitting around a table. There were twelve people, and there was one person sitting at the head of the table. In front of the man was a strange device. It was a cube, and when the man tapped it, it seemed to come apart, parts pushing out of the cube to form a cube-like maze. In the center was a glowing sphere that grew and shrunk, pulsating auroras of light. The man spoke, and I listened carefully. "...object is able to retain the Earth's gravity. This is not needed, because the wall we've created around the Earth's atmosphere is still intact. There is nothing wrong with it."

"But what is the purpose of the wall?" asked another member of the group.

"The purpose?! The wall is so powerful that it is able to stop meteors from getting to the Earth! Without it, we could be dead by now!"

"Is that all?" asked another man.

"No!" exclaimed the head of the group. "The wall has influence on the people that live here! Don't you see? I can control what they do!"

"Great!" said another member. "We cannot possibly get rid of this!"

"But it's affecting the Earth's gravitational pull!" exclaimed someone else. "The air holes created by the strain are destroying everything! It's killing people as well!"

"We will force the Queen to step down," said the head of the table. "In return for the safe return of her daughter, and the device." He motioned to the cube. "I will get what I want! I will rule here!"

The image dispersed, and a mechanic voice spoke. "Your mission is to retrieve the device, and save the Queen's daughter. You begin tomorrow night. Good luck."

I looked over at Elias, and his expression bored the same thoughts I had...

Oh crap...

The End

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