Can't Back Down


When we left the room, I immediately exhaled loudly, widening my eyes at Elias. He raised his eyebrows. We could never back down. Never again. The Seventh Rank, not only the most prestigious, but also the most difficult, but obviously the Queen thought us worthy of it. Obviously, with our skills it was undeniable that we deserved and needed this, but I was started to feel like something was wrong with it. A premonition of some sort. I decided to take no notice of it.

 Elias turned the corner to the big metal door before I did. No one but the most trustworthy agents knew the way to open the door from the inside. Elias breathed lightly on each lock, and they glowed a golden colour, and turned into smoke that wisped away. We opened the huge door together, even though with our new strength that we had gained in the Seventh Rank we could open the door and lift up the whole palace at the same time, we still opened it together out of habit. A habit we had gained from getting promoted so much. We were famous in the SQS. Everyone not only knew us, but also knew not to mess with us. But we'd never really fight anyone unless they hit us. We were fair people. That's what made us friends.

 We both walked down the long, dark hallways side by side, and at the end of the last hallway was a golden box about a meter thick and two meters long. We knew what this was. I looked at Elias, excited. We both ran toward the golden box and pressed the middle of the top, where there was a secret button. The box opened robotically, and inside were weapons. Lot's of weapons. Two of each, in fact. I took mine, putting the swords, knives sai and shurikens in my left pockets, and all my guns in my right pocket. Elias did the same thing. That was the uniform. Firearms were always put on the right.

 We smiled at each other. We were now seventh rank. But now we needed to know our first mission. I looked down to the bottom of the now empty box, and my eyes fell on a piece of bronze metal which had engraved writing on it.

 Go to the Main Hall to collect your first mission. A303.

 A303 meant that we were going to be given one of the hardest missions a first timer has ever gotten. Obviously, we could handle it.

The End

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