The Secret Queen's Service

" 'Us spies are more powerful than martial artists!' ... 'Hey isn't that Jackie Chan?' ..."

Set in the future, a group of spies set out to protect and aid the Queen. Using weapons and gadgets given from the Queen, they assassinate and steal bad things.
This story is about two people from this spy group who set out on a mission to collect a device to retain Earth's gravity which had gone throughout the years before the government set up a wall around the Earth with air holes. Very tacky, bu


We've always been part of the SQS, my friend and I. Ever since I can remember. We've had a lot of fun, but mostly it has been serious work. Work that needs to be done.

 There have been loads of books about spies, but none of them are very accurate. We don't wear dark suits; we don't walk through laser-mazes, and we don't steal things. Much. We only work for good. For the Queen.

 I've travelled the world millions of times but never really seen it. I was always on work. My life has been about my work.

 My father was a member of the SQS, and his father before him. It's been the tradition not to work there but to want to work there. And our job is very important.

 My friend is the same. To be honest, so is the rest of the organisation, obviously.

The End

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