Words Cannot SayMature

As she clutched to his shirt and searched his face, Ruby's intentions changed. Though she had no exact plans of retaliation, the impulse to hurt and offend him, just as he had done to her, died away.

He didn’t necessarily appear apologetic. She could see the argument within him still. His lips pursed and he regarded her with a heavy glare, but his body betrayed his face, as he clutched on to her just as well.

She needed the comfort of his embrace. It was reckless. Being this close to him made no sense, and was the only answer she could possibly accept. He hurt her. She was angry at him, yet, she closed her eyes and basked in the euphoria of being held in his familiar arms. She never wanted to let him go, never wanted to walk away from this feeling. Before she could make sense of what she was doing, her chin was being tilted upward, the same finger traced  over her lips. Without any further hesitation he sealed the distance between them.

Ruby didn't hesitate. Her her lips met his in a compelling grace. It started out as nothing more than a chaste kiss; each of them savoring and memorizing the feel of the others mouth. But their need to know, and feel each other in this new way grew until it became a desperate need. Cole moved his hands until they were planted firmly at her hips. He nudged her backwards, until she was up against the dinning hall table. New dishes were set out for the next course that would be had in the dining hall. He reached behind her and swiped his arm across the table. The dishes and silverware, were swept over the edge, creating a new space on the table's surface. He lifted Ruby onto the table and continued kissing her with abandon. With another swipe, he made room for himself at the table, as he gently pushed her on her back. He climbed over her, clearing more dishes out of his way. Not even the jarring slap of porcelain hitting the floor would tear them apart.

Cole wrapped an arm around Ruby's body as he laid himself upon the table's surface. Ruby knelt over him, the hem of her wrinkled skirt rode up her thighs as she positioned her knees on either side of Cole's legs. He could hear his own heart pound like a thunderous drum, and the feel of her body on top of his enticed a tingling vibration that flowed through his skin. His tongue dipped into Ruby's mouth and it moistened hers as he pressed his body against her.

She moved forward kissing every possible area of exposed skin she could reach. She pressed hot kisses against his throat, behind his ear, catching his lobe between her teeth, and then running her tongue over the gently pierced skin. Cole released a husky breath, and took charge of her mouth once more. The pace of the kiss increased with heated passion. Their tongues danced to a faster beat. Ruby moaned against his mouth. She was enticed with the taste and feel of him, but couldn't put the admission into words. His hands glided down her sides and stopped upon her hips, and he grasped them firmly. The motion of their kiss, and incandescence of their tongues upon each other began to excite his body, and slowly he worked his pelvis against Ruby's delicate frame. Her moan and nibbling made Cole's head arch back and a sigh passed through his lips. His movements came without any forethoughts, as if he were under a spell from the warmth of her skin, and the excitement was beginning to swell within his trousers.

Ruby sat up straight for a moment. She pressed her fingers against her swollen lips. Heat from her breath, radiated onto her skin. Hypnotically, she pealed off her cotton peasant blouse.  Underneath it, a heavily ribbed corset threatened to suffocate her if she didn't comply. Without exposing herself, she undid the first few eye hooks, allowing her skin to breathe.

Cole smirked up at her mischievously. She offered a shy smile in return. He folded his arms behind his head, and wordlessly watched her. His face illuminated with appeal. For the first time he noticed the natural allure of her body. Her sapphire orbs, her sandy tresses, her honey smooth skin; the elaborate painted frescoes of any castle would compare to her beauty. Cole was lost in time and he felt as if the moon remained still in the sky and all existence ceased. They were in a world of their own on top of a dining hall table. After a long drawn out moment of admiring her, he sat partway, and his lips planted soft moistened kisses upon her shoulder, exciting goosebumps.

Ruby's mouth parted slightly at the sensation. Before she could return the favor the wail of something heavy moving across the floor caught her attention. The doors were thrown wide open. “Are we interrupting something?” Came the demand of a low octave voice.

The End

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