Hopeless LoveMature

Aira licked her lips in composed anticipation. The king's chamber smelled of a provocative musk. There was something alluring, yet pleasant about it, much like the King himself.

 Aira knew this King was different than the last. He would not betray her. After tonight, they would be more than allies. They would be lovers. She would at last occupy his every thought. 
In her hand, she held a tiny vile, containing a well sought after potion. An extra nudge, to see that the King would fall in love with her. Hopelessly, irrevocably.

He would succumb to her with or without the potion, she assured herself. It was only a way to quicken the process. "And for the sake of Avelen," she spoke out loud.

 It was true, dark magic alone wasn't enough to defeat the Dragon King. She needed someone strong to stand by her side. When she killed Damein, she wanted him to feel the same hurt and betrayal that she had. She wanted him to think she had gotten over him, and that her heart was on the mend. Who better contender to thwart her ex lovers jealousy than the Star Born King himself?

The Princess had no luck finding the King. He was probably off with his ill tempered Advisor somewhere. It irked her that Ruby had accompanied the King in most of his daily tasks, thus far, though she wasn't surprised. The mortal nuisance took advantage of the King's kindness and attached herself to him like a leach, constantly consuming his attention.

This would change, Aira promised as she began to unbutton her chemise. The King would soon see what no man has ever been able to resist. She allowed the garment to slide off of her shoulders, exposing her naked body. 

She positioned herself on the King's four poster bed,indulging in his scent once more. She would wait patiently, for the King to return to his chambers, and when he did, she would delight in his reaction. He would be surprised, yet unable to withstand her any longer, she thought with relish.

The End

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