The Devil's PrincessMature

A blood curdling sound detached itself from Ruby's lungs. She screamed as if her life depended on it. She kicked and clawed at the man who grabbed her. The man who would help Aira take down the sorry excuse for a king!

 Her efforts were futile. From behind the man's meaty frame she could see Aira roll her eyes and cross her arms in annoyance. Even so, Ruby continued to fight the man as he threw her over his shoulder and led her into Aira's lair. She drove her fists repeatedly into his well armored back. "Get your sausage fingers off me you troll!" 

The man threw Ruby down on a four poster bed covered with the finest silks. The room was adorned with rich tapestries, oriental rugs and artwork in the shades of burnt orange and red. Which was fitting sense Aira was in cohorts with the devil. 

The devil princess took slow strides over to the bed. She wore a well calculated look. "Leave us Macon." She said to the male servant. The man bowed dutifully and left the chamber.

Ruby propped herself on her knees and offered Ruby a loathing look of the deepest contempt. " I've always disliked you. But now, I for sure loathe you."

Aira glanced down at Ruby impatiently. " Is that all?"

Ruby's hands curled into fists. "No, that's not all! You are a horrible person. No, not just that you are a whore, a black magic whore. Satan's whore! And if you for one second think I'm going to stand by and let you-"

Ruby's  words were cut short. Her voice was suddenly gone. She was incapable of speech. She glanced up at Aira in bewilderment. 

"It's called a silencing spell," Aira explained. Her eyes locked onto Ruby's. "First thing is first you delusional mortal, you haven't the slightest idea of-"

Unwilling to listen to another word, Ruby leapt off the bed and tackled Aira to the floor. Ruby's mouth moved trivially as every curse word she knew resulted in silence. 

Aira pushed Ruby off of her. "Yeah, yeah like I haven't heard that one before," she mocked.

Ruby yanked Aira's hair, forcing Aira to look at her. Aira studied Ruby's rapidly moving mouth "My voice back?" Aira translated before peeling Ruby's fingers off of her hair.

For her own amusement Aira studied Ruby's mouth a moment longer than necessary. Ruby's hands curled into fists, aggravated at her situation. She wanted the satisfaction of telling the Princess off, but the best she could do was mouth venhemous words.

Ruby tore her gaze off of Aira. She scanned the room. She noticed the door was painted a deep red to blend into the walls of the room. Aira's gaze followed Ruby's. "You stupid human. If I can lock your voice with magic, what makes you think I can't lock my own door?"

Ruby studied Aira's eyes as they danced back in forth.  They wrinkled slightly in worry. She was bluffing the door wasn't locked. Quickly, Ruby leapt towards it and threw it open. 

Ruby ran down the long corridor. Aira's footsteps echoed her own. The princess was on her heels. She continued running a moment longer Before she could glance over her shoulder, a solid force knocked Ruby to the ground.

Ruby clenched her teeth as her chin connected with the floor. Her cries of pain were frustratingly muted. Before Aira could sink her claws further into Ruby's back a tall shadow encompassed them.

Ruby's gaze traveled upwards, above the pair of legs that were eye level to her and the Princess. Ruby pushed her arm forward and brought her elbow quickly back. She smiled maliciously at the cracking that preceded a loud wail. "My nose. You heathen!"

Ruby ignored Aira's complaints and wiped at blood pooling out of her own mouth. 

The servant standing before them, cleared his throat as he helped Aira up and beckoned for the nurse.Once Aira was led away the servant turned his full attention on Ruby. His eyebrows rode up suspiciously. "Miss Ruby, it appears you have a visitor waiting for you in the foyer. And might I say, that had you not been the King's advisor, you'd be severely punished for your crimes against the princess."

With no voice, Ruby couldn't defend herself.

"Next time, your relationship to the King will go unobserved, and you'll be sentenced accordingly."

All she could do was nod.

The End

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