The Monster DragonMature

Every notion that Ruby had of dragons being colorful, symbolic and festive was quickly put to rest. One look at the creature in front of her and she was overcome with tension and nausea. Her palms began to slip around the hilt of her sword. Her first cowardly instinct was to flee to safer grounds, then Malachai's voice broke through her own thoughts and doubts. " Work past it Ruby! Your sword is your savior, let it guide you to salvation!"

Ruby's mouth watered as she gripped the cutglass tighter. The dragon was eyeing her up like a piece of meat. He was a gruesome beast. He probably stood ten feet tall, but his body mass made him seem bigger. Ripped muscle and torn flesh peaked through its leathery hide, jagged wings flapped eagerly as if it were still airborne. It's head was similar to the elongated shape of a horse 's only with tiny flaps on the side for ears. It's nostrils flared and its eyes narrowed in anticipation. 

Ruby stole a glance at Cole. His uncertainty mirrored her own. Unsteadily, She extended her cutglass towards the beast's belly. She took a deep breath. One more quick glance at Cole and Ruby was burdened with regret. Something flashed in his eyes as he acknowledged her. Without speaking it, they had an understanding provoked by their intense bond. Ruby nodded and Cole was the first to close the distance of a couple yards separating them from the dragon. 

Citizens scrambled out of the way. Some cried out for their new King. Ruby charged the creature with her cutglass. It 's slimy claws clumsily raked the air. "Watch out for it's blood!" Cole warned as he tried batting at it with his sword.
Ruby's cutglass made contact with the dragon. It tore through leathery skin and rugged muscle. In a quick motion, she pulled her blade out leaving an open wound that dispersed a trail of blood . The creature angrily lowered its head. 
Malachai threw flung a shiny object through the air. A rustic looking battle ax pierced the dragon's claw. 

They were doing a good job at weakening the dragon, but also angering him at the same time. 
The dragon closed the distance between itself and Ruby. It latched its massive claw around her waste and shook her like a rag doll. The cutglass slipped from her grip. Any hope she had at survival was diminished. She could see every jagged tooth in the dragon's mouth as  its breath rustled her hair. She closed her eyes and prayed for a painless death. 

Suddenly Ruby's body collided with something hard and relentless; the ground.  the dragon had released her. She looked around to see what the cause of the dragon's distraction was. 
Before the dragon could make a meal out of his best friend, Cole lunged onto its wide, spiked tail. The dragon let out a high pitched wail that echoed through the village. Onlookers screamed as the dragon whipped its tail through the air. Cole latched on to a thick spike and pushed himself up further on the dragons back. Ruby screamed in fear as the dragon took off into the air. 

Cole glanced down at the ground shrinking below him.  If they gained anymore distance he surely wouldn't survive the fall. Malachai retaliated by throwing an array of daggers at the beast, some of which Cole had to dodge himself.

The dragon's balance was put off by a dagger that had struck its wing. Cole climbed up higher on the beast, so he could see over its head. Down below Ruby and Malachai were running to keep up with the dragon as it made its way across the village. 

  Cole steadied himself and with one forceful swing he swipped his broadsword across the creatures neck. Blood spurted from the fatal wound and Cole rolled backwards to avoid it. He nearly fell off of the dragon, but at the last second released his sword and freed his hands to clutch on to the end of its tail. 

The dragon's limp body spiraled downwards. The ground came at them fast.
Cole screamed as he caught the eye of a fairy maiden directly below them. In the last second a flash of a force knocked into the fairy, clearing the landing and saving her life.

The End

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