Against his better judgement, Cole charged the assassin. An audible gasp from the Sage's table could be heard in the otherwise deadly silence that followed the assassin's threat.

"Are you insane?" Ruby called after Cole.  He looked quite the part of a powerful king, his strides across the room were deliberate and demanding. His demeanor changed completely. In his lose white tunic, fitted trousers and deer hide boots, he brandished a new bravery; one of a prophesied king.The instant he reached the traitor he grabbed the arm that wielded Knife.
In retaliation, the assassin's hands clasped onto Cole's arms, just as Cole's were on his. It became a battle of pure strength. The assassin's knife was pointed only inches away from Cole's chest.
Ruby watched the pair struggle against one another for a horror induced minute as each man fought for the upper hand. Deciding it was too much to endure, Ruby took her sweater off , revealing a white camisole and earning more gasps from the useless royals. The royals were futilely clamoring about the room trying to escape the ordeal.

 Ruby snuck behind the assassin with her sweater outstretched in her hands. She jumped up on his back wrapping the fabric around his neck. She gave the sleeves of her sweater a tight pull.

The traitor released Cole as his arms reached back to grab Ruby. Effortlessly, he threw her tiny frame to the floor. Ruby rolled out of the way as he struck out at her with the knife, though he struck at her a second time and succeeded. 

Ruby shrieked in pain as the sharp metal pierced her skin. She craned her neck and tried kicking out at the traitor, but her vision was quickly becoming blurry. A moment later, she heard people scuttling about and the assassin's shouts of disgruntled pain as someone avenged her. An invisible weight bestowed her limbs and she let her head fall back down to the floor. Overcome with fatigue, she closed her eyes and settled into a light sleep.

The End

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