Chapter III - IVMature

As they talked, they began walking toward Dean's house that was only a few minutes away. 

"It was all so weird, one second I was there, smoking the stuff and the next, I was in the middle of the wood all alone. For some reason, I had lost my shirt and shoes. Everything was a haze, but I was there and horn had grown out of my head."

"You mean you were horned like a bloody devil?"

"No... It was more like goat or a ram's horn, curved backward. But it wasn't everything, instead of feet, I had freaking hooves."

"You were definitely more blitzed than I was." Niall commented.

"I don't know, I got high plenty of time, but it didn't feel like that, It felt like I was still fully conscious, it was sort of like being fully awake in a dreamworld and I had a feeling that that look, the hooves, horn and all was just right, you know?"

"Nay, I have no fucking clue of what you're talking about Dean."

"I guess you had to feel it to understand..." Dean sighed out loud.

"Was there anything else you saw or felt?"

"Actually now you mention it, there was. I remember a white wolf running alongside me, it had those same Almond eye as that guy, what was his name again?"

"Terra. So you think he just became a wolf or something?" The Irish boy asked in disbelief.

"I have no fucking clue, but he was in both of our visions, wasn't he and he vanished when we came back to our senses. Maybe he was teaching us something."

"Or maybe we were just drugged out of our mind." Niall responded dryly.

"Why do you keep denying what happened?"

"Because it wasn't real, it couldn't have been, it's impossible!" He said, almost screaming.

"Come on, you believe in god but what happened is too far fetched?"

"I don't believe in that shite." He admitted. 

"Then why are you in a Catholic school?"

"I was forced here. If god exist, then why is everything so freaking bad? Either he's not real or he's the biggest arsehole in the universe for letting things go down the drain for all this time. And don't give me the freewill argument, God if he existed could just pop in existence and announce his presence and it wouldn't remove anybody's freaking freedom of choice.

Face it, either there's nothing out there, or at best it doesn't care about us little folks or at worst, it's outright prideful, petty and cruel.

Tell me, what good, loving deity would let massacres and oppression take place in it's name without intervening?"

"You speak like it affected you directly." Dean pointed out.

"It has..." Niall admitted, barely above a whisper. "I've been beaten, threatened, insulted and punished because of a stupid fucking book."

"What happened?" The other asked, reluctantly, looking rather pained to hear what the Irish teen had gotten through.

"I'm gay, I like dudes, that's what. Just because of that, my life's been one bloody, fucking hell."

The End

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