Chapter III - IIIMature

Niall hung the phone up and turned around just in time to see a half naked Dean coming his way, shoeless and shirtless, his muscular and athletic torso covered in sweat stuck out like a sore thumb under the street lamps that ran along the main street.

"Where the hell did you go?" Dean asked, jogging toward Niall.

"The fuck are you talking about, when I woke up from the drug, you were gone. Where did you go?" Niall spat the words back at him.

"It's hard to explain..."

"Just say it."

"Well... When I inhaled what ever that herb or mush was, I started seeing things, feeling other things. I don't know why but I couldn't control myself as I ran in the wood. I felt like I was me anymore..."

"You're saying you were possessed or some shite?" Niall scoffed.

"I mean I felt like I was something more than just plain old me, like I was completed rather than hollow."

"Oh hell, look, we did drugs and had a bad trip, no need to get all bloody religious about it. We were just pissed. Nothing happened."

"But what about the other guy, the french man? Where did he vanish to?"

"No fucking clue. He probably went someplace else to do more drugs or preach about nature or something."

"What if what he said was right?" Dean countered. "I mean I can't speak about you, but something definitely happened with me, I've done drugs but never something like this. It's like there was something extra."

"Now you're really beginning to sound like a loonie or bible wielding nutjob..."

"Come on, don't tell me nothing happened to you. You were completely out cold and muttering to yourself, in some kind of trance."

The events of the night and his conversation with Terra while in the dream Waterford slowly came back to mind, the fog clouding the brain from it dispersing and letting him remember. All lights had went out in the dream. But there had also been a blackout in the real city... "It has to be a coincidence..." Niall muttered quietly to himself, trying to comfort his confused mind.

"What is it that you saw?" Dean asked, authoritatively.

"That french guy, he told me some things, while I was in Waterford, I mean in my head. He just said non-sense after non-sense. I mean come on, how can dreams be just as real as reality? That because I can't see things that it means they don't exist... It's fucking bullshite."

"On my end, things we similar but different... It felt like I shed a layer of dead skin and became what I really was... It's just so hard to describe concretely, it's something you have to feel I guess..."

"What exactly happened to you? I mean beyond becoming a nudist."

"It's hard to explain but I can try..."

The End

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