Chapter III - IIMature

The phone rang several times, taking forever with each ringing in his perspective. Niall was about to hang up the dial when he heard a voice on the other end.

"This is Caleb... You better have a good reason to wake me up..." Came a man's tired, grumbling voice. Clearly just waking up after being bothered by the phone's ringing.

"Sorry mate... I just needed to talk to you." Niall apologized.

"Niall? What is it Fella? Don't worry, if it's you, you can call me anytime, you know that."

"Thanks, you don't know how much that means to me." Niall said, a sad smile forming on his lips. "I just needed to talk to somebody, I-- I-- I just can't stand this place... You've got no idea how much I miss you and the gang. Here, I can't do anything without people looking at me. Everyone's all uptight about so much shite."

Telephone still in hand, the teen slouched down on the floor, resting his back against the cabin, his vision beginning to blur, while anger and spite flavored his words as they spewed from his mouth.

"I can't do anything, I can't have fun, I can't be myself. They just want me to shut up and fit the bloody mold of what they see as good and right. There are a few nice guys but they're hidden behind waves of arses that just want to control you and shape you how they see fit, mate."

"I hear you fella. Things haven't been the same here without you, everyone miss you even if they won't say it."

"I just wish my Pa hadn't sent me here..." Niall spit out, pure rage in his tone. He smashed his fist against the booth's glass which gave a loud plastic thump rather than shattering to pieces like real glass. He shook his now painful hand, trying to shake the pain away from that moment of anger.

"It couldn't be helped. Your father's an arse there's no denying it."

"The only thing nice he's done recently is not tell the school why he really sent me here." He acknowledged dryly. "We all know he didn't care for shite about me being with 'bad people.' It's all because of his fucking bronze age beliefs, that if you say god and Jesus enough time things become alright."

For a while, Niall continued ranting while Caleb listened and commented. Although it was an odd way to have a conversation, it was the way they often did things, all with an odd sense of complicity and understanding between the two boys.

"Niall, I don't want to sound rude, but I have work in the morning..." Caleb interjected after a while. "Can you call me back later?"

He took a deep breath before declaring: "Yeah, it's alright. I'm feeling a lot better now." He affirmed only somewhat certain about it.

"Alright then, I'll talk to you soon. Oh by the way, thanks for waking me up, there must have been a power shortage earlier, my alarm clock was flashing. I would have missed the wake up call."

"A power shortage?" Niall asked with incredulity.

"Yeah, it was probably just a breaker or something... G'night mate." The other one said, dismissively.

"Good night Caleb." He responded with a warm tone, his heart much lighter than earlier.  

The End

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