Chapter III - IMature

The coldness of the early spring night woke Niall up. He was alone, laying on the grass, slightly wet from morning dew. Neither Dean or Terra were anywhere in sight. He was alone under the moon's light that made it's way through the naked ash branches above him.

"What the fuck happened?" He questioned himself as he rose back up, his mind still hazed by the drugs that he had taken. 

By what his watch told him, it was already two in the morning, way past the school curfew, there was no way he could go back to the school and into his not-so comfortable bed in the dorms, he had to spend the night outside...

For a while, he just sat there, trying to piece together what had happened and where the other two that were with him had gone to. It seemed weird that they would have just left him there like this but if he was still dreaming, why was he so cold?

He began walking toward the ramp that led down from the hill when he noticed the raven that sat on a fallen log right next to it. The bird stared at him with it's empty eyes and he stared back. 

"What is it with ravens?" He asked himself mentally. It seemed like everywhere he went, they were there, waiting for him. Everywhere he went, trouble happened and the bird was also present, like a bringer of ill omen.

"What is it that you want you fucking bird?" He snarled at it, kicking gravel in it's direction which caused the thing to fly away, a malicious glint in it's black eyes.

Carefully, Niall made his way down from the hill and into the small town; Gealach Samhraidh which translated in English to 'The summer moon.' In reality, it was barely a notch above a village, with a population of a thousand or two souls spread all over the adjacent farmlands. The town proper didn't contain more than a dozen stores, a small city hall and some public service infrastructure and an old soon-to-be crumbling church. 

The whole thing was a maze of curved streets and was hidden underneath a thick layer of trees, making the town dark even during peak daylight hours. For a teenager from the city, there was nothing to do in it. The citizen weren't any better, old timey folks that preached religious fundamentalists and outdated conservative values over progress and individual freedom. 

Niall's father had chosen the right place to torture his son, it embodied everything that he hated and rebelled against; old values, the rejection of reason, restriction of personal freedom to accommodate the narrow minded folks and intolerance toward those who are different from the perceived norms.

Without conviction, he walked the streets until he reached the town's only convenience store, the only place beside the pub that had a phone booth in this dump. At that moment, more than anything, he really needed someone to speak with so he entered the cabin and put what little change he had in the coin slot before dialing the number he wanted.

The End

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