Chapter II - IIIMature

As he spoke, Terra scrounged inside of his leather bag before finally taking out a small pipe and some strange herbs which he set up inside the thing before igniting, letting a strange odor out as it let out smoke. He took a few inhalation of the burning mixture before handing it to the Irish boy.

"So now you're gonna get us pissed? I thought you were going to explain shit." He commented before taking a puff of the smoke. "Well, whatever, I haven't had a hit in forever..."

"The mushroom is a tool, unlike what some would like you to believe it isn't evil, it is a crutch to help you experience the world, liberate you from the shackle of your body."

As Terra spoke, he took more and more of the mixture into his lung and his blood stream, letting the mixture flood his mind. Visions formed before him, first old memories coming back to life then dreams and ideas took shape before disappearing. After a long moment, he gazed around him and noticed that he was no longer on the top of the hill but rather in the streets of Waterford.

"What the hell? How did I get here?" He asked to the surroundings.

"Your body hasn't moved, but your mind did." The french man said, stepping into the vision out of thin air.

"This isn't real, it's just me hallucinating all that shite."

"This is real. Just as real as the world that you live in. Just look at the stars." Terra said, pointing skyward. Once he did, seeing only the empty night sky of the city, he answered; "You can never see the stars here."

"Is that so, think again!" As he spoke, he spread his arm and all lights in the city around them vanished, letting the stars shine through, along with the moon bathing the surroundings in a surreal silver light.

"I'm just tripping." Niall spoke, trying to convince himself.

"If you are, then how are we interacting in this way? How can I know what you see, what you feel? Am I just a figment of your imagination. If no, then how did I make the lights go out?"

"It was just a coincidence, beside, you can't just change things in the real world, all of this is just from the shite we smoked."

"Perhaps it is. But maybe there's also some truth to what happens here. Tell me, what makes dream anymore false than the world you live in daily?"

"The fact that they're fucking dreams, just that and nothing more. You can't touch a dream, it's not really there."

"Then how do you know the man on the television that read the news is real if you've never seen him for yourself? How can you know that something is or isn't if you can't even prove it's there or not?"

"I--I--" Niall stuttered, trying to find something to say. "I can get these things checked, make sure if they exist. I can't for magic hoodoo."

"That's true for the mundane, but what about things you can't see or feel? Can you feel the passage of time, the life flowing within you, the power of electromagnetism binding the world  together? Yet it's there, whether or not you believe it or not. All you need are better senses to find them, or sometimes new senses altogether."

"What do you mean?" The teen asked confused.

"You have to see with more than your eyes to find the truth. When you do, you will see what has been obvious but you never could see."

"What is it that I missed? How do I do that?"

"That, isn't something I can tell you. You have to find yourself..."

The End

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