Chapter II - IIMature

Just as he hung up, the noise of foot step and displaced gravel was heard, coming from the same direction the ramp that gave access to the hilltop. The chatter of a handful of people came to Terra's ear and he poked his head out from the small nook he was in. 

A group of teenagers walked in, chatting about everything and nothing that affected their ordinary school life, school, girls, boys, popular culture. Seeing no threat, he simply thew his things into his bag and walked up toward the teens.

"What the hell is that?" One of the teen, an irish boy with a local school uniform asked, looking at a rock engraved with runes.

"No idea Niall. It's been here forever. It was here when I first came here. No clue what it could possibly mean."

"It says 'To see the world hiding amongst it's leaves, one must first hand from the tree." The french man said, announcing his presence.

"Who the bloody hell are you?" The one called Niall asked.

"Just someone enjoying the evening up here." Terra responded moving closer to the engraved rune stone. "It's written in elder Futhark. It's not a language that was used in Ireland, it must have been written recently."

"Are you some kind of history buff?" Dean asked. "Kind of like Niall here."

"Something like that. I have a deep interest in ancient mythology. These runes, are Norse in origin and make reference to Yggdrasil and Odin, it was most likely by neo-pagans, since they speak of the Aesir rather than the Tuatha Dé Danann."

"The what?" Dean asked, wondering if the man was speaking English or just non-sense.

"The gods of Ireland, before the Catholic church took over. This is what St. Patrick's day is about, it celebrate to elimination of paganism in this country."

"Seems like you know quite a lot about this." Niall commented to himself.

"I do, I'm what you would call a follower of the old ways. I still carry the words of the old gods and their blessings."

"How's that any different from the church? A religion is just like another, all the same shite and indoctrinating lies."

"Because unlike the Catholic church, I don't pretend to know everything, I don't force my beliefs upon others. I live by them rather than preach them. I hold nature and the preservation of the cycle as more important than worshiping a man who performed a few tricks."

"Sounds like a tree hugging hippie's way of thinking." Dean mockingly pointed out.

Terra smiled and responded sardonically; "Unlike those I don't see nature as being all butterflies and sunshine. Nature is just as cruel and violent as it is beautiful and generous. It's at it's core a cycle of death and reproduction. There is no evil, no good, only life."

"It's all good and all, but what does it change in the end, whether you believe in Jesus or some old god or something it's all the same, you just think positively instead of doing the shite you should be doing." Niall refuted.

"I like your way of thinking, you're critical, you don't accept anything that doesn't make sense. It's a rare quality these days. Let me tell you something..."

The End

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