Chapter I - IIIMature

"Looks like I was right about you being a punk." 

"You learn to do lots of shite when you live with a drunk pa, an absent mother and a control freak step-ma who hate your guts." Niall answered with resentment filling his voice.

"Is that why you got shipped here?" Dean asked.

"Part of it, got busted by pigs a few times." 

All while talking, both teens stepped onto the roof of the two floored building. Outside, the wind blew gently making Dean's long dark hair float lightly in front of his eyes. It was pretty warm for early April and the both of them sat down on the ground, leaning lazily against the old chain link fence that circled the roof.

"Fag?" The american asked to the other, handing him a pack of Marlboro.

"You have no idea how long it's been since my last." He commented taking one out of the pack and lighting it with his own lighter. He took a long drag, letting the smoke into his lung almost ecstatically. "Can't find anything in this hole, I'd been out for over a week."

"Only one store, one pub, and they won't serve us."

"Right, there's shite to do in this town."

Niall stood up and slowly walked along the edge of the roof, letting his fingers slide on the links of the fence making a small metallic cling noise as he did. He let his gaze wander on the horizon. The town around them was barely visible despite the height, buried in a sea of trees. The only thing that detached themselves from it were the old red sandstone lighthouse that stood in a tiny peninsula on the coast and a few hills here and there.

"I fucking hate this place."

"You're not the only one..." Dean sighed. 

"I wish I could burn this school to ashes." Niall admitted, causing the other to raise and eyebrow before a smile formed on his lips.

"Why stop there, let's set the world ablaze, that way we can set shit right when the smoke clears. Tell you what, why don't you come hang at hangman's hill tonight, I'll present you to the gang."

"The hangman's hill, the bloody hell is that?"

"Right behind you, do you see the rocky outcrop with the massive tree on top? That's the place." He said, pointing toward it. "That's where we hang out, nobody bother us there."

"Guess I can--" The Irish one began before getting interrupted.

"Hey, check this out."

Intrigued, he did, looking at the school's entrance below them where Dean pointed. There, two men who were apparently teachers and a younger one, dressed in the school's uniform stood while a black Cadillac pulled over and two men clad in black with mirror-shades stepped out. 

"Is that Isaac?"

"Who?" Niall asked.

"The guy that got sent to detention this morning."

"And who the hell are these guys? They look like FBI poseur or something."

"No idea, Isaac doesn't have any family but his sick mother." 

"Maybe they're from the hospital or some shite." 

As the spoke, one of the two shade wearing men's gaze rose in their direction and both crouched out of sight of those below almost by instinct. 

"I don't know why, but these guys give me the creeps." The city-boy admitted.

"Why don't we go down to the mess hall? I don't really want to be here anymore."

"Aye, let's do that."

The End

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