Chapter I - IIMature

The students one by one left the room and when nobody but the teacher and Niall remained, the first closed the door and shot a glare shining with contempt. Not one to let himself be intimidated, the teen just just looked at him with complete apathy and an expression that screamed of 'Hurry the F' up.'

Finally, the clearly irked man broke the silence uncomfortably; "As you are aware there are rules within this institution, Mr. O'Connor. This has been one of the many time you've proved to be a troubling element in your classes and we cannot allow this kind of disruptive behavior to trouble the education of our students. This is not counting the fact that you are in clear violation of the dress code since your tie is not properly attached. Now, we know you are new in our school which is why we have granted you some measure of loose but we cannot continue condoning your actions. Is that understood O'Connor?"

"Yeah." He unceremoniously answered. Which caused the teacher to clear his throat. "Yes, Mr. McDowell." Niall corrected himself. "Good." The man commented before dismissing his student. 

Niall took a few steps outside the door before another student leaning against a locker approached him. "I didn't think you'd be such a history buff." He commented before adding; "I'm Dean by the way."

The concerned one stopped briefly to look at the person addressing him before continuing his way, the ignored classmate following right behind him. "I didn't think you'd be like that, you looks like one hell of a punk, mate." He continued, his voice husky and bearing a mix of an american accent. 

"First off; don't, call me mate." Niall ordered before tonelessly asking in his controlled Irish accent; "What is it that you want?"

"Whoa, I though we could hang but if you want to be dick, I'm gonna bail."

"It's fine then, it's just peps have been all wankers here."

"I know, people here are all 'dry shite' as you Irish boys would say." Dean said with grin, making the other snicker. "You got that one right. What did you say your name was again?"

"Dean, Dead Hugues."

"You ain't from here, that's clear with your accent." Niall noted.

"American Irish mum, British Pa. They moved here I was just a kid so I live in town rather than the dorm."

"Must be nice, Dorms are bloody manky." He declared with disgust. 

"Where are you from, the big city?"

"Aye, I was born in Dublin but my Pa moved to Waterford when he humped off my Mum to be with another bird."

"That outta suck. Why did you end up here?"

"He sent my arse here to get me 'straitened up' as he says."

"Major suck. Say, should we be going to the mess for lunch?"

"Not hungry, you can go if you want. I need a breather."

When the two arrived at the roof access stairs, Niall pushed the handle but the door didn't move an inch. 

"They keep it locked during class hours." Dean explained.

Instead of giving up, the Irish one fiddled with the knob for a minute before finally opening the door. "Not anymore." He declared cockily.

The End

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