Chapter I - IMature

Niall O'Connor is sent to a catholic school by his father as a way to get him rid of his bad influences. There, the young punk struggle to fit in the conservative and controlling direction of the school.

That is until strange things begin to happen around him...

With his life and very being in danger, escape the darkness. Which is when he is recruited by a group known as the 'Grigori Cabal'

"Lord, help us in our work today give us concentration so that may we listen, understand, learn and have a peaceful mind and may we always remember that Jesus Christ is always with us. Amen..."

Like always, the classroom repeated those words spoken by the teacher every morning as it was required by the St.Peter's academy school code of conduct. Sitting next to one of the windowed wall, Niall deliberately mumbled the obligatory prayer incomprehensibly, thinking to himself; "This is bullshite..." He was only doing it so he wouldn't get bugged by the teachers, even if he was doing it halfway.

He had been at the academy for slightly under a month now. His father had shipped him from Waterford to a Catholic school in a backward corner of the Wexford county, to get him out of the 'bad influences' of the city.

The teacher, Mr. McDowell began his lecture on the history of Russia in the 20th century, but Niall didn't pay attention. Instead he let his gaze wander outside, and instead of taking notes, he lazily let pencil slide across the notebook, crudely drawing a raven that was perched on a tree branch that was a few feet away from the window.

"Mr. O'Connor, since you seem to already know this subject, why don't you tell your peers what the name of the 1917 revolution was?" The teacher called him to order.

"The October revolution, it followed the February revolution earlier that year."

"The leader of the re--" 

"Was Vladimir Lenin." The teen answered, cutting his elder mid-sentence.

"What was the name of the Russian anarchist that denounced the revolution?" The adult asked after thinking a few seconds.

"Peter Kropotkin"

Seeing the adult's irritation that a young punk not only defied him but also outsmarted him, Niall gave him a satisfied, cocky grin that was answered with silent approval by the other teens.

After a grumbled swear, the adult returned to his lecture and left the teen alone, who went back to his previous task. Outside, the crow was still perched at the same place but his head was turned toward the teen, staring deeply with it's empty black eyes. 

The two's eyes meet and made contact, looking right into one another. Both of them froze and the moment dragged on for a over a minute which seemed like much longer to him. Finally the bird broke the stare and flew away.

"That was weird..." He muttered to himself.

The rest of the class went by uneventfully and when the bell rang, He picked his stuff and began walking toward the door, following the procession of identically dressed sixteen years olds; Red sweater with gray pants for boys and skirts of the same color for girls.

"O'Connor, can you stay here a minute?" The teacher said, without really asking. 



The End

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