The Secret Life of Paper

My English teacher told us to write something in seven different perspectives.

I.           A piece of paper is before me

It waits to be inspired.


II.          I think of trees

When I see paper.

Oh woe, to the tree,

Oh woe, to Mother Earth.


III.         I see the ink plastered on it.

It screams, pops and yells at me,

Urging me to the latest sales.


IV.         There’s no better way to use paper

Other than to wad it up

And throw it at the teacher’s back.


V.          The wisdom it holds is bound.

You cannot understand its knowledge

Until you read its words.


VI.        Behold!

You will be my next masterpiece!

But can I trust you to keep my work alive?


VII.       Why is the recycling bin blue

When the act is rather green?

Either way,

I give the unused

A second chance.

The End

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