Still Feb 31st

  Oh yeah, so I didn't explain why it's February 31st as opposed to March 2nd. By the way, February is such a weird word. You never know if you're spelling it right, just like Wednesday. English is really very odd. In East Asian languages, for example, Februrary is translated as "the second month", and Wednesday is "the third day of the week". Bit unimaginative I guess, but makes perfect sense. But no, English has to drag Woden and Thor and who-knows-whatelse into it. It is truly an appropriate language for Lalaland. And don't even get me started on the English system of measurement.

 Oh right, so February 31st. Well, after my little confrontation with the President of Lalaland, I was invited back to my drawf's drawer. It is a very cozy spot. And on the wall, where such things normally are hung, was a calendar. Except February had thirty-one days. January only had nine. March had twenty-four. In fact, very few months had the number of days they are supposed to have. All in all, I figured there were 321 days in the year.

 Noticing me interested in the calendar (I had, in fact, taken it off the wall and sat on the floor adding the days up), my drawf explained that since Lalaland is situated in the sky, its calendar does not need to follow the rotation and revolution of the Earth.  So someone just arbitrarily makes up dates every year. President Bosh gives the job to his nine-year old son for his amusement.

"When you are Queen, you get the honor." The drawf said.

Oh joy, another perk.

The End

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