The drawf looked rather shocked. I breathed heavily after my little outburst.

"Look," I said, "I should not have come up that rainbow thing in the first place. That was a mistake. Now can I please wake up or something, and go back to my crappy life?"

"You would rather go back than to become a queen?" The drawf asked, surprised.

Well. I did want to be a princess when I was little. A queen is rather better. But no. No. I have a test in Lit today (which is why I was so well versed in the monomyth). I want to go to Harvard,  not the Academy of Looniness. I certainly do not want to be involved in Lalaland politics and go up against some version of George Bush.

 "Uh. Yes." I replied. "Yes, I do. Because though my life is crap right now, I know it will get better. I am really not prepared to rescue this imaginary place from the clutches of democracy. I have plans. I have a life. A real one. "

The drawf regarded me for a second. "This is your reality now." He said simply.

That scared me a bit.

"Please come with me to the castle." He said with a firmness that I never noticed before. I realized that I'll never get to return if I didn't comply with what he said. So I went with him.

Off to see the wizard--or rather, er, president.

The End

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