Lalaland awaits its Queen

I felt like I was in the fantasy land of a six-year-old little girl. The clouds, instead of being water vapors, are actually really fluffy, like cotton, and you could stand on them. I swear I saw a pink unicorn prancing through a meadow of flowers, complete with butterflies.

"Oh god." I say to myself.

"Welcome, my Queen!" A  cheerful-looking drawf (what else?) says to me.

"Queen?" I ask.

"Yes!" the drawf says delightedly.

"Of where, exactly?"

"Of Lalaland, why, of course!"

Lalaland. Right. Someone had definitely spiked my orange juice this morning.

 The drawf explained that I was born the heir of Lalaland, but an uprising of democracy-loving revolutionaries had banished me to the remote country called Canada. However, the president they had elected, Goerg W. Bosh, was so terrible that they all wanted their Queen back. The country was rife with violent movies and video games, and the crime rate was up by three hundred percent. But now that I was eighteen, I could finally ascend my rightful throne and return the country to absolute monarchy.

"Um, I have school." I say.

"But you graduate this year!" the drawf cheerfully says.

"But I was, uh, hoping to go to university." I say. "Society nowadays, you know. Can't get a decent job without a degree!" I laugh awkwardly.

"We have a very prestigious school here," The drawf says. "The Academy of Looniness is widely recognized."

I had doubts about that, but the drawf had already ushered me in the direction of a splendid looking castle that vaguely reminded me of Disneyland.

The End

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