The Secret Diary of the Queen of Lalaland

Febuary 31, 2008

Dear Diary,

  So I know this date, technically, doesn't exist. But apparently it, uh, does in Lalaland, 'cause, well--I'm not explaining this right. I'll start over to get my thoughts in order. And besides, I owe it to any future readers of this diary in case it becomes as famous as Anne Frank's. I mean, not that  I want to get killed by Nazi soldiers or anything.

  Sooo anyhoo. Today, at least when I woke up, is March the second. As I do every other day of my life, I wake up, dress in my school uniform, eat, brush my teeth (some brush their teeth before they have breakfast...some does it after, some does it before AND after, and some, unfortunately, doesn't do it at all. It's a highly subjective thing). I rush off to catch the school bus.

  As it always is in March here, it is raining. As I rush down this hill I live upon, I slip on the asphalt and does a painful split.  To add insult to injury, I see the bus chug merrily past. My parents have already gone off to work. I can catch the public transport, but that means I'll have to be late for school.

  So there I was, cursing my bad luck, when a very weird thing happened. The grey leaden clouds parted, and through a blaze of sunshine, a rainbow appeared. It uh, extended down to where I was on the ground (I assure you, I was not on LSD at the time). And you know how most rainbows tend to be just light, refracted off the raindrops? Well, this one was very solid looking. It seemed very inviting, and as I really did not want to go to school and be chided for being late, I decided to skip school altogether. I ascended the rainbow.

The End

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