May 31st, 2008

Dear Diary,

"Joey!" I heard Jade call from the top of the dark mahogany staircase. 

Our new home is beautiful. The stucco texture that lies upon the walls of the house and the tall swaying pattern of the all-year-long lilac and pine trees makes it look inviting and warm. As soon as you touch the hardwood floors with your shoe and/or foot, your whole body loosens, while tingling sensations shoot through your feet all the way up to your hands. The magnificent crystal chandelier that hangs from the ceiling is remarkable, brightening the entire room. That's just the hallway! Cream-coloured couches, plasma TV's and royal bathrooms fill out the whole house! It almost felt as though it were a dream. 

"What's wrong? You can't find Joey?" I shouted.

Oh, by the way, Joey, is our dog. I've been hearing Jade call his name for the past week, while Leslie doesn't get off her new 'Blackberry' cell phone. 

"Yeah. Have you seen him?" Jade yelled back.

"No, sorry." I said, hushing my tone as Jade walked down the steps. She raced off into the backyard when she saw the golden furry creature run around in circles. 

"Mom," Leslie whined. I could tell by her tone she either wanted something or... well, wanted something. 

"Yes?" I replied, as politely as I could.

"Can you drive me to Haley's? But not in your Audi, your Cayanne I need you to pick up Rachel." Leslie demanded - as I suspected.

"I thought Haley was your biggest rival? Since when did you become friends with somebody who makes fun of you?" I asked, protectively.

"What difference does it make? Can you drive me or not?" Leslie pouted, blowing her freshly-coated-BubbleBath-polished fingernails. That's when I realized, What has she become? 

The End

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