The Secret Curse

JC’s eyes slowly opened, then blinked in the bright light of the hospital room. "JC! You’re alive!" he herd a voice say.

Before he could turn to look who it was, they were already hugging him the best they could with him laying down. As they did pain surge through his bandaged body. His face twisted into a look of agony, clenching his teeth trying to hold back a moan of pain. As soon as the person noticed he was in pain they quickly shot back into the chair that was at his bedside. "Sorry." the person said with a giggle, "I didn’t mean to hurt you."

JC turned to the person and knew exactly who it was as soon as he saw them. "Of corse not, Dieanna." He said in a hush tone.

Dieanna is JC’s best friend. After his mother and father were murdered by someone and left him and his younger sister, Salina, in sadness of their lost parents Dieanna found them. They now live with her and her grandmother, which was now theirs too.

Dieanna cocked her head and smiled at the comment, her long brown hair shifting with her. As she did JC began observing the bright room. "Where am I?" JC asked lifting up his head.

"You’re at the hospital, silly."

"The hospital?" He repeated quietly, then slowly sat up, pain running trough his body with every inch.

When he was up, he examined his body. There was a white bandage around his stomach and up to his chest under his shirt. And Another one around his fore arm and around his shoulder on the other arm. All of which were slightly stained with his blood. "Why?" He asked with a confused look, still examining his body.

"Why? You don’t remember?" She asked her smile vanishing.


"Well doesn’t surprise me, doctors said you took a good blow to the head." Dieanna told him shaking her head.

"But to tell the truth I don’t know, I found you and Salina in ruble from a burning building." JC put his hand on his head his fingers going through his long, raven hair. That’s when he remembered, he saw it as if it was happening right infront of him.

There was a man standing on the other side of the fire inside a burning building. The smoke was so thick JC couldn’t see, and it began to sting his eyes. The flames surrounding him and getting bigger blocked his view of the man. Then he herd a shrill scream behind him. He turned around and through the smoke he saw Salina, blurry from his stinging eyes he still knew it was her. "Salina!" He screamed and weaved his way through the fire.

When he reached her she was coughing from breathing in the smoke. "Salina, Salina! Don’t breath it in, cover your mouth!" He yelled frantically at her griping her shoulders.

She nodded and cupped her hands over her mouth. JC’s Hazel eyes were full of fear, and he hopped she hadn’t breathed in too much. Then he herd a loud crack. He looked up and a support beam was splitting in half, the roof was about to collapse! JC wrapped his arms around Salina and held on tight to protect her from the fire. He tried to pick her up and find a way out, But there was no way out of the fire that swirled around them like a barrier. Then he herd a loud SNAP and he yelled, "Salinna!" that’s all he remembered.

"Wait, Salina!" JC shouted, "Where’s Salina!?!?" His head shot towards Dieanna.

Dieanna a little startled from JC’s sudden shout stuttered while she answered, "She, she’s in room 9. On this floor."

JC quickly flipped the warm white blankets off of his body and turned so his legs hung off the side of the bed and touched the cold limoneum tiling "Is she ok?"

"Well, JC." Dieanna said softly looking down. "The doctors said they weren’t sure, I mean I was afraid you were going to die."

JC tried to stand and felt a slight tug on his hand, when he looked there was an IV tube in the back of his hand. He tightened his hand into a fist and held back a scream as he quickly rip it out. "JC! What are you doing?! You need that!"Dieanna gasped her eyes focused on his now bleeding hand.

JC forced him self to stand up as he griped his side which was pulsing with pain. Then looked at Dieanna who Looked like she was about to shoot up and grab him. "I’m taking care of my little sister." He said calmly looking into her eyes with his weak ones.

Dieanna quickly stood up her hands in fists down at her sides. "JC! You’re crazy, you have to let your wounds heal!"

"Perhaps I am, but my family comes before me. That’s what my mother taught me and Salina." He told dieanna in a hushed tone, then looked at the door leading to hallway infront of him, which was open. "And Salina is all the family I have left. So im not going to let her die!"

Dieanna let her fists open, she thought about that, Salina was all the family he had left. JC stumbled to the door griping his side, his bleeding hand leaving behind a trail of blood. He reached the door and grabbed the knob then looked back at dieanna, "And if she dose die.... I’m going to be there with her! She won’t die alone!" He shouted as loud as he could with the pulsing of pain all over his body.

"JC, I understand how you must fell, but you could die. You should lay down and get rest." Dieanna answered looking back at JC with worried.

"I’m sorry Dieanna, but I would never go against what my dead mother told me. It’s how I respect her." JC replied as he looked out to the hall and turned the lock on the handle, outside of the door. Then walked out and started to close the door.

Dieanna ran towards him to stop him but he closed it before she got to him. She grabbed the handle and turned it, but it wouldn’t turn. "JC!" She hollered and banged on the door. "Let me out! You can’t do this you might die!"

"Sorry Dieanna, but I have to look after what is left of my family." JC thought as Dieanna pounded on the door.

The hallway was empty which was good for JC, no nurses or doctors to see him stumble and limp down the hallway. He still griped his side searing with pain and now his hand started to hurt too. The farther he stumbled down the hall the more unbearable the pain became. "Come on JC, you need to make sure your little sister is alright." he whispered to him self as he stumbled in pain.

He watched the numbers above the door as he passed them, 13,12,11,10... His vision started to become blurry like it was in the fire. He saw the number 9 on the door. He grabbed the door knob as he panted, exhausted from walking down the hallway in pain. He turned it and fell into the door with his shoulder, the door swung open and he fell to the ground. JC lifted his head and saw his young sister laying in the white bed covered by the white blanket up to her shoulders and her arms lay on top of it. JC could no longer could hear Dieanna’s hollers and pounding on the door, all he could hear was the soft beep of the heart rate machine that followed the rhythm of Salina’s heart. JC could also make out the outline of a mask around Salina’s mouth and nose connected to a tube through the haze of his eye sight.

"Salina." JC said softly with fear, he knew that she wasn’t well and was in teribble condition.

She laid in the bed not moving and if it wasn’t for the beep from the heart rate machine it would have seem like she was dead. "Salina!" he yelled wanting her to answer so badly but she didn’t move.

He Forced him self up and stumbled to her bed side, now the pain had dissipated he was so concerned about his sister he had forgotten his pain. When he got to her he fell to his knees and placed his bleeding hand over the bed holding her head in the palm of his hand by her cheek, the white from the bed around her slowly turned black. And the blackness swirled around her till he couldn’t see anything. He still felt her soft cheek in his hand and realized he must have lost his vision.

The next thing he knew he felt a hand on his shoulder then herd the voice of a man. "Hey, I don’t think you should be in here, you need to go back to your room."

JC took his hand away from Salina’s face and let it fall to his side. "No." he murmured and yanked his shoulder out of the mans hand.

"Ok come on lets go." The man ordered and grabbed both of JC’s shoulders and pulled him up to his feet. "NO! I’m not leavening!" JC yelled back at the man, thrusting his elbow back hoping to hit the man.

He did the man dropped JC and fell to the floor. JC was on his hands and knees when the arm with his bleeding hand gave in, and his body collapsed to one side. He realized that his arm was numb he couldn’t fell it. Then he could fell the pain start from his arm and work it’s way though his whole body once again.

He laid there in pain panting to weak to stand with the pain worsening. Then he herd Dieanna’s yells getting closer till she was right by the doorway to the room JC was in. Dieanna gasped at the sight of JC, and the blood on the floor, it was the blood from JC’s hand, JC hadn’t noticed. "JC!" She screamed and ran to him, she knelt down by his head and lifted him until she could hold him up by his chest.

He was so weak that all of his weight was on Dieanna and by the look on his face and his panting she knew he was in a lot of pain. "Oh my gosh, JC are you ok, you look terrible!" She shouted.

Just soon after she said that they the heart rate machine ended it’s endless beeping and a constant sound immediate form it. She knew what that ment and so did JC. "No, Salina." JC whispered his eyes widening with fear.

No matter how hard he tried to hold it back, his eyes filled with tears, from both the pain and Salina’s death. "Salina." JC Said a little louder still panting.

He pushed himself up with the arm that wasn’t numb and forced his body to stand with every last bit of energy he had, he quivered as his body wanted to give in from the pain coursing through out it."JC, stop this your going to hurt your self!" Dieanna shouted,"She’s gone, there’s nothing you can do! Please."

JC’s face twisted with anger and sadness, for his younger sister laying in her bed. Tears fell from his sightless eyes as his head dropped. "I don’t care what happens to me, I could die for all I care." JC started to say with a hint of anger in his voice, "I just don’t ever want to have to live with out Salina by my side, she’s all I have left and she won’t die."

"JC, she’s already dead! Please just stop this, please....." Dieanna shouted in anger with a hint of sadness.

JC stood in the room thinking of all his memories with Salina, the tears in his eyes fell on to the floor. He remembered all the good times to all the bad times. He tightened his hand into fists realizing Dieanna is right. "Salina!" he shouted giving in to the pain and collapsing on the floor on his knees.

Dieanna crawled over to him as he sat on his knees crying silently. "JC, I’m sorry." She told him felling his sorrow, but JC kept his head down

"JC, look at me." Dieanna said in a soft voice.

"Heh, why I wouldn’t see you anyway."


JC turned his head to the sound of her voice, to the point where he thought he was facing her and a smile tugged at the edge of his mouth as he answered painting, "I lost my vision on my way down here."

Dieanna Gasped. Then all of a sudden JC’s neck started siring with nonstop pain. JC clutched his neck with one hand and screamed hunching over. "JC! What’s wrong!?!" Dieanna shouted getting scared, but JC didn’t hear her, he was completely oblivious to what was going on around him, the pain was so awful.

JC would gasp in air between screaming and holding his breath trying to make the pain stop. Dieanna warped her arms around him griping him tightly to her body, "JC!"

JC ’s pain started to melt away slowly and he began panting, his entire body limp on hers. Dieanna still gripped him closely, scared, tears running down her cheeks. JC herd Dieanna’s crying and felt her gripping him, he grabbed her shoulder and pushed him self back from her body slightly, his body quivering from the weakness. He felt up her shoulder to her face and placed his hand on her cheek which was warm and wet with tears. "Dieanna?" he whispered feeling the tears falling onto his hand one after the other.

"Are you.....?" He continued but then something happened.

His neck started pulsing loudly to him, but Dieanna couldn’t hear it and with every plus a longing for something grew throughout his body. JC couldn’t move it was like he was frozen, as this felling pulsed throw him growing stronger and stronger. "JC?" Dieanna asked giving him a worried look, as his eyes widened and his panting stopped.

His hazel eyes suddenly turned blood red, he could see Dieanna’s frightened face. He looked at her neck and gently moved his hand to her neck, brushing two fingers against it. He felt her pulse easily, it was like it moved trough his fingers and flowed to his body. JC’s felling suddenly grew extremely strong, he suddenly felt a lust for her. Then JC quickly pulled his hand back. As soon as he did he began panting again. He looked down his eyes still wide and saw the blood from his hand. His breathing picked up speed and soon his vision became hazy and he collapsed on the floor in front of Dieanna.

"JC!" Dieanna shouted and reached out to grab him in fear that he died, then she saw his chest moving up and down unusual fast.

A nurse had herd her shout and came into the room. The sight of the blood on the floor , JC laying in it, and Dieanna’s shirt covered in it, the nurse gasped and grabbed the phone on the end table by the door. She quickly dialed a number and told the person on the other end to send doctors up to the room right away. Dieanna sat on the floor next to JC tears streaming down her face, but her face showed no sadness it showed shock and fear. The doctors rushed in the room and knelt down by JC while the nurse wrapped a blanket around Dieanna’s shoulders and began showing her out of the room.

The End

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