It was half past twelve on New Year’s Day of 1889; Inspector Sullivan was stricken with grief and filled with strong emotions after his late wife’s death of the anomalous case of tuberculosis. Attempting to take his own life by slitting his wrist with an old tarnished straight razor that is when a though came rushing in his mind that the thought of killing himself is not something he ever wanted to come true. Without any hesitation, he pitched aside the tarnished straight razor stood by the window and began to ruminate the past memories, which he recreated in his own sub consequence recurrently after the death of his late wife Julianne Sullivan who lost the battle against tuberculosis five years ago to this very date.

Delicately as the winter, months grew closer; the gentle wind grew into an immediately overpowering snowstorm, to which nobody was prepared for. When suddenly a large crowd of ill witted labors began to flood the cobbled streets of London due to large emanating particles from an overhanging snow cloud, which was headed for London’s capital. As the sky, darkened the heavily impenetrable winds grew resilient. In the intervening time, the abandoned thoroughfare began to look desolated with its citizens taking shelter from the callous storm. As the citizens, await in anticipation for the worst of the storm to pass. Without warning came tremendous vibrations which shock the entire core of London’s capital. With each tremble came the unmanageable thinking that the infrastructure was going to collapse at any moment due to the overload of the pressure being put on the buildings framework.

As the weeks turned in to months that is when it had finally befallen Inspector Sullivan who thought it best that he led inquiries to find out who was responsible for murdering Cornelius McDaniel in cold blood. To make matters worse, there seem to be impediments, which have arisen making it relatively difficult to get close to the McDaniel family with urgent matters, which need to be properly handled. With that said there appears to be some kind anomaly standing in the way for anything to be done. Whoever had committed this grievous act was certainly someone who knew the family really well and had the slightest intention to cause them harm. It had come to my knowledge that the family was not aware that someone was targeting them and preparing to make one of them the next victim.

High suspicions have now hung over London for some time with countless individuals being intimidated over the fact that their uncertainties were misinterpreted about Mrs. McDaniel who was mistakenly judged for being a witch for performing black magic to cause physical harm to those they believed no longer wanted to live among the living but among the dead. For approximately four hundred and ten years began the massive search for witches who have been rightfully convicted for practicing black magic to take vengeance on those who have done them harm.

Many years ago, Mrs. Greendale of Liverpool was put on trial due to convincing proof that she was performing black magic witnessed by many local residences who have known her for years. Some say that Mrs. Greendale was responsible for executing more than a few innocent people by summoning Satan to consider them for selfish undertakings ignored by the Catholic Church of England. The undistinguishable retentions of the past, which still haunts London due to the prosecutions of well-pronounced witches that might have arose there which still makes the citizens, uneasy knowing that irate spirits dawdle around old uninhibited property, which some individuals believe to be decrepit for tenants to live.

It had struck me as odd knowing that Shutter Street a is known for its beauty was once a reputable neighborhood with law-abiding citizens who had no interest in causing anguish but to keep the placidity with everyone living person that promenaded along the street to admire the attractive gardens of the well-appreciated residents of Shutter Street. What transpired to the law-abiding residents of Shutter Street they just vanished unexpectedly? Then again, was it black magic that wiped the residence of the face of the planet? The art of black magic only reveals itself when one is truly convinced that Satan is after all the being of all beings and has put an execration of damnation upon this forsaken rock we all live on.

You wonder what black magic has to do with the McDaniel murder well it is simple. For several months, Inspector Sullivan has been investigating the murder further only to discover that he was sitting on top of goldmine of theoretical evidence that needed fortifying facts to conclude as germane to bringbeefier the court of The Old Bailey Court of England. It is highly recommended that voluntary evidence be engendered to shape what evidence has already been accounted for so that Scotland Yard can determinately lay their hands to repose in allocating Officers from getting their hands dirty. Is it troglodytic to ken that some of London’s citizens especially the ones living in the Whitechapel District struggle to make ends meet due poverish lives, which they are, forced to live?

Intrigued by the notion that murder is merely something that requires to be observed at more earnestly with the lack of factual proof to put the felonious behind bars to rot awaiting in anticipation for death to sneak up on them and drag them to the deepest part of the abyss to wait trail upon the damned. Hypothetically, verbalizing, the peculiar, and bazar murder of Cornelius McDaniel has everyone in a state of disorientation with everything that has been transpiring lately. Deranged things have occurred at the McDaniel residence for some time not including the disappearance of an adolescent affluent widow by the designation of Katheryn Karajan who stayed at a nearby lodging house to locate a missing relative who has not been auricularly discerned of for some time.

Desperately as things, worsened the puerile affluent widow Nancy Karajan was reportedly found dead in front of St’ Paul’s Cathedral with her throat slit and ocular perceiver sockets abstracted and long with her tongue that was torn from her mouth which explicates the volume of blood splattered all over the place. In integration, in that, blood was a footprint, which probably belonged to the murder or a casual observer who mistakenly thought the body belonged to a dead animal so he went to have a more preponderant look and optically discerned that it was none other than Ms. Karajan disfigured body lying in the dampened streets covered in blood and filth. Her habiliments were torn denoting there had been a struggle between her and the offender; but then again her personal effects where still with her so no designation of larceny.

However, if a larceny had occurred don’t you cerebrate that Ms.Karajan would be still alive given the circumstances as the time and place of the larceny? Something about this arbitrary murder puts everything in viewpoint for Inspector Sullivan and the whole of Scotland Yard to revelation further evidence, which is leaving top investigators furious to learn that the evidence has been lost due to illuding information that has been accumulated by informants over at The London Metropolitan Police Department. Nothing more menacing has yet risen in the development of the McDaniel murder, which has now been left for those fascinated with availing Scotland Yard find the murderer behind two very peculiar and grimacing   deaths. Besides what does this have to do with the murder of Cornelius McDaniel, and is the murder of Ms. Katheryn Karajan somehow connected with the antecedent murders that have occurred a century earlier. What does this all mean? Is the Ripper murders connected with everything that has been transpiring in and around Whitechapel and other circumventing areas?

Unimaginable suffering has driven the common people of London so far to unbelievable depths struggling with the fact that there is a merciless maniac are at large terrorizing the entire populace of London with all the killings that has transpired over the years. Horrendous and overwhelming to know that with such killings there must be something that can be put plainly forward to stop the killings from transpiring. Coming the from the deepest circle of hell is the approach of self-pity for those who reaped their soul as unholy to enter the pearly gates of heaven.

The McDaniel family for many years have suffered the consequences of damnation for what has occurred during the time of death of Cornelius McDaniel which has left the family to reconsider their alternatives since they we’re forced to live with the fact that life isn’t something that can’t be forgiven for the deeds that we’re forged by them in life until the day they die. Scotland Yard’s Inspector Sullivan who was permanently driven insane due to his protracted medical history as well as his violent convulsions from his epilepsy and melancholy driven by his late wife’s death; which has been the main cause to his immediate break down on the field. Could it be possible that Inspector Sullivan was responsible in the death of Ms.Karajan due to his mental illnesses of schizophrenia and depression, which perhaps is not knowledgeable by Scotland Yards highest ranking official field officer Rufus Marshall?

Overwhelmed with anxiety Inspector Sullivan fears that he might end up losing his job because of protracted medical history as well as his violent convulsions from his epilepsy and melancholy, which he suffers from. If he were ever to blame for murdering Ms. Karajan in cold blood, he would be hanged until there was no life left in his desolated corpse. Isolated in fear only brings the intolerable to life. Cynical and deep-rooted Mrs. Bradshaw a free Negro slave who has deservingly earned her own freedom by calibrating with the enemy of England to escape the hardship of the American Revolution which was hard since she was a loyalist to the English Crown during 1775–1783. Mrs. Bradshaw who is now in her late 80’s is a key eyewitness for the crimes that have been committed right outside her front door leaving a trajectory of hate where none was.

Incriminating as it might sound, but nothing has been right since Inspector Sullivan has been rightfully convicted of a crime, which he has no prior knowledge of due to his forgetfulness of remembering. With that said, does Scotland Yard have the right to convict a man due to mental illness? According to what authority it is within the law to put a man behind bars without the prior knowledge of him actually committing a heinous crime to which he could not remember with everything that has happened with the collapsing of time rendering itself for a far greater inclination, which no longer has the grasp upon the arrival of fate itself.

Several weeks have gone by when suspicions of another highly asymmetrical murder as taken the citizens by surprise. Something about this murder was actually different from quite a few murders that have transpired over the years. A lead specialist was called in due to abnormalities left by the killer, which was now surrounding the victim’s desolated body. To our greatest astonishment, the victim was a Negro woman in her late twenties and who was attending Oxford Medical Institution of Higher Education. According the Victim’s family her name was Margret Littleman a medical student who was last seen leaving the Institution approximately around 8 o’clock alone. Couple of days later Margret Littleman’s half-naked insensible body was found floating in the canal with a message engraved in her darken skin: I AM A SINNER AND A LIAR... FORFIVE ME LORD FOR I NEED REDMENTION.

A priest by the name of Father Fredrick from Westminster Abby was called down to view the desolated body of Margret Littleman and was shocked by the message engraved into her darken skin with his pray beads wrapped tightly in his hands and praying under his breath and then spoke.

“Oh Lord, May this child of god rest in peace and let her sins be forgiven.”

For several minutes Father Fredrick stood over the desolated body of Margret Littleman that is when a shrill cry could be heard halfway up the cobblestoned walkway when unexpectedly and older Negro women started pushing her way through the crowd of spectators; that is when she came to an abrupt halt and started to shriek in anguish.


As the women finished her shriek in anguish for the loss of her daughter a London Constable gently tapped on her shoulder and politely told to her that she was disturbing the peace of the environment and needed to leave. Without hesitancy, the Negro women got up and left with no fuss while the London Constable led the way out of the secured area so that the women could see the forensic team take away the body of her daughter and send it to the coroner’s test centre for further forensic testing. Therefore, in intervening time there has been a hold in the newspapers to circulate the news of a young Negro woman’s murder, which would agitate the largely black populated district of Whitechapel. Many of these individuals are fundamentalist Christians who believe exclusively in their god for protection against the impregnable force of the devil and its sycophants and those who truly believe that those who have committed a murder should be put to death before the holy one so that their sins would be forgiven.

Meanwhile, as everything comes to a standstill not a living soul feels the need to mourn the loss of a young women who loses the fight for her life because a murderous lunatic who feels the need to murder for the reason that in his mind he thinks he is perfectly normal, but, in reality he has a sick and warped state of mind. For some murder, is a form of a game to compete to see who has eradicated more victims and by doing so helping the populous shrink in numbers?


From behind the large mob of livid protectors came a loud piercing gunshot, which made the protectors disseminated as vermin running in altered directions in fear of the firearms sole purpose is to gun down the Glen Smart the front-runner who is responsible for the entire active protects happening all over London. Glen Smart who has for several years has been on the run from leading authorities to escape incarceration for soliciting the public with fabricated accusations of the English government who fails to distinguish disconcerting complications that many of the citizens face due to hardships in an around the city and those individuals living in the Whitechapel section.

What become of this dark and dismal place? It once used to be a cheerful crowded square inside the Whitechapel district, which used to be full of life and where individuals could enjoy oneself; nowadays it is gloomy filled with old rundown buildings with broken windows along with loosely lain floorboards, which could collapse at any moment if not careful due to immense pressure being applied to them. Another anomalous thing about this building is that it holds great secrets from the past, which could answer myriad truths to help solve the McDaniel murder in contrast to everything that has escalated over the years. Truth be told that illegal transactions with the investigations of many of these murders has concluded as a false truth since the suspicion of Inspector Sullivan has risen due to evidence which has been outlawed as illicit in the preliminary jurisdictional court of England. Without any uncompromising proof to what, lead the suspicions of Inspector Sullivan ever being wrongly accused of committing murder to which no proof has ever been determined by the local metropolitan constabularies.

A scandalous outburst of hostility as proven to have taken a huge toll on this metropolitan municipal and now leaves tremendous scaring due to the aftermath of the triple murders, which now drifts over the city with disreputable name of something most dreadful that most people do not care to think of and do not care to evoke. Mr. Riley a legal representative from the Old Bailey’s courthouse had made it known that a legal action has been taking to rectify that Jack the Ripper is the one truthfully the responsible for the horrendous murders of five prostitutes could that be a speculation of the past or something that could not be rectified by truth.

Shockingly enough, the local Madame Fairhaven’s brothel was locally known for their prostitutes who have a reputation for keeping their men exultant. Madame Fairhaven and elderly women in her late 60’s has been on the constabularies list of suspects to consider in the Jack the Ripper murders because Madame Fairhaven’s brothel has been the local hotspot to hide mass murders in the act. Since then Madame Fairhaven’s brothel has been shut down due to illicit hearsays, which have been circulating in and around London’s richest class to be scorned of the poverty-stricken women selling themselves for sex.

In the oldest part of Whitechapel lies the truth of what happened to those five prostitutes that where killed by Jack the Ripper. Could the possible lead of finding who killed Cornelius McDaniel be found in such a dismal place? What lies buried beneath the debris of an old dilapidated cathedral is the very thing we need to put away the malefactor who is deemed responsible for the very thing we try to prevent and that is what we like to call a murder in the third degree, which is deemable by death.

The injustice of what has come to be is the centre of the intermediate cause of action, which might just determine the fate of those felons sent to prison to serve a life sentence for the crimes they have committed and those who have been to some extent blamed for other crimes that were committed in the metropolitan area. What has become of Inspector Sullivan you might ask well it is simple for the reason that he is on permanent leave due to impediments with his protracted medical history as well as his violent convulsions from his epilepsy and melancholy ever since he was a young adult which originates from the death of both parents in a horrendous horse carriage tragedy; connecting to his psychological damage as an adult until death takes toll on him.

Connecting all that has transpired during the 100 years of reconciliation in London’s history remains what some call the dark ages which brings into the past the obvious of truth which most can’t come to terms with knowing that London has a dark and warped past of so called slain victims who still disturbs London’s metropolitan streets with retribution. Murder as we know it has troubled these streets of London for more than a quarter of a century before prostitution was granted by the English Government as legal. Truth be told that no individual eyewitness has provided a single shred proof, which would be any help to Scotland Yard in ruling out the numerous individuals held in 5/10 feet jail cell at Station 20 Police Station to rule out the alleged killer and too see who would volunteer himself or herself as being guilty. Mind you sitting in a 5/10 feet jail cell would be uncomfortable given the circumstances for those convicted of a crime, which they have solemnly committed.

Heighten by everything, which has occurred in the last six to ten months of Cornelius McDaniel sudden death it has come to the families’ knowledge that Cornelius was one way or another involved in illicit business transactions dealing with human trafficking of illegal immigrants to do the malevolent workings of the Royal Court of England. Misconception in others words is something in spite the facts gives light to singling out individuals for the sole purpose of seeking the right answers for the very problem they seeked to get answered. Every answer needs the appropriate respond to each problem that is understood to be interrelated to a set forth response. Let alone the solemnity of the conviction of a possible suspect, which has for more than a few weeks been a continuous objective for the London  Constabularies to pursue and capture Mr. Seamus Bridgeband for multiple murder convictions against him for the past two years of his early life. Mr. Bridgeband is recognized for how brutally he kills his victims and what he does with their desolated bodies after they are lifeless. Determined, as he is, Mr. Bridgeman wants to be notorious like Jack the Ripper and be known for how he has killed the five prostitutes of Whitechapel and how he has escaped imprisonment for the murders that made the general public feared for their lives for the duration of the late hours of the night.

Regarding everything that has gone wrong it would only make things worse to know that prior with the earlier investigation of Charles Bernstein who was found guilty of murdering Cornelius McDaniel and who was considered rigorously insane because of his prior conviction of raping a twelve-year-old girl who was one her way home from The Sheridan Academy For Girls with a group of her closest friends. When suddenly out of nowhere Lillian McDaniel, Eleanor’s niece who was snatched from behind silenced and told to be quiet or else he would put harm upon her if she did not do as she was told. Few days later Lillian’s body was found covered in bruises due to discoloration of the skin and was clinging on to life in a nearby ravine where she was left for dead up until a local resident was passing by with her dog that is when she came upon the desolated body of Lillian McDaniel which was covered in debris not identified to man. It was apparent that body was keep in a secure location before it was brought here for someone to discover and report it to the London Constabularies where it would be available in print for everyone to read and be looked upon as something different.

In consideration of everything, that has happened which now leaves everyone speculating over the very answers that need questioning. It has come to my understanding that London’s highest-ranking official Christopher Wellington has announced that the investigation will commence due to the permanent leave of Inspector Sullivan for the reason that he is in poor condition to have anything to do with solving important cases such as this. So let me leave you by saying: “INSPECTOR SULLIVAN IS ON PERMANMENT LEAVE FOR REASONS UNKNOWN TO US HERE AT SCOTLAND YARD BUT A NEW INSPECTOR WILL BE HANDLING THE INVESTIGATION FROM THIS POINT FORWARD LEADING TO THE MAIN SUPECT BEING IN CUSTADY UNTIL HOW LONG IT WILL TAKE FOR US TO SOLVE EACH MURDER WHICH HAS TRANSPIRED OVER THE LAST COUPLE OF YEARS. PLEASE IF ANYONE KNOWS ANYTHING THAT WILL HELP US HERE AT SCOTLAND YARD COME FORWARD AND WE WILL BE WILLING TO SEE FIT THAT NOTHING HAPPENS TO YOU. IF THERE IS NO OTHER QUESTIONS AT THIS TIME... TO CONCLUDE, WE WILL DO EVERYTHING IN OUR POWER TO BRING THOSE TO JUSTICE WHO HAVE DONE PYSHCOLOGICAL DAMAGE TO EACH AND EVERY FAMILY SEEKING ASYLUM FOR THE HARM CAUSED.”

The final decision has been constructed around the concrete evidence that has been secured to incarcerate Seamus Bridgeband for twenty-five years to life with no parole and locked away in a maximum fortified prison with no intention of escape. The prison was on a central island outside of Great Britain located right of the coast of England making it merely impossible to escape with the heavy waves striking the rocks with brute force; you would be dead upon immediate impact. In other words, there is no chance you would survive or if you did survive, every bone in your entire body would be fragmented and you would be in agonizing pain until the moment of death which would be instantaneous. The end conclusion is merely a simple metaphysical response in pinpointing how Seamus Bridgeband committed suicide in a 4/10 feet prison cell with nothing but a couple  of books  along with his personal effects which he brought with him.

The prison guards suggest that the other inmates provided Seamus Bridgeband something like a razorblade to help with his own suicide by slashing the main artery in his décolletage. Have to admit that there was a lot of blood surrounding the dead body with the way the seraph of the décolletage was slashed. Which specifies that Seamus Bridgeband was not alone the night he prearranged his own suicide he was actually accompanied by another inmate or perhaps a cellmate who abetted him to kill himself. Something did not sound right according to the warden of the prison who claimed that Mr. Bridgeband was not assigned an inmate for him for the reason that he is psychologically disturbed and dangerous to be around that is why he is always in solitary confinement for his own safety.

Meanwhile back on the mainland there appears to be a series of threatening messages written in white chalk that appears all over the bulwarks of Whitechapel district with the aim to hurt the London Metropolitan Constabularies and blaming them for the killings that were within their control to stop the massive killings from taking place. Henceforth, is there perhaps a possible obfuscation to put an end to all the commotion created by the disorderly behavior of misdemeanors of citizens trying to compensate what has been done to furthermore pursue propaganda as well as to collaborate the manners done to safeguard this city from perilous arbitrary attacks?

What possibilities is there to condemn those responsible for killing those held victim for the sole purpose of oppressing their fantasies for the final judgment of given morality which only spins out of control. Not every person who seeks the attention is given the right for forgiveness. In the end aren’t we all doomed to a faith where are penance is most forgiven for the corrupt we have caused during the duration of most callous life we have spent living? As we die, we watch our soul drift from our lifeless bodies as we pass into the realm of the dead and enter into first circle of hell, which is identified as Limbo a hypothetical idea about the hereafter.


The End

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