Chapter 1

So my friend told me this super crazy thought she had in her head today.  She wanted to commit suicide.... I didn't know what to  say, I was shocked.. She looked as if she had the perfect life. She had the rich parents,the big house, she was a single-child she even had the perfect dog, a German Shepard.  But I guess she didn't have the perfect life we thought she did...

Taylor was a beautiful, skinny, blond hair, blue eyes girl, that was as sweet as could be.  I didn't know what was going on...She wanted to commit suicide...that just sunk into my mind...She told me to keep it a secret, but I really knew that I should have told somebody.  But the problem is that I feel that if I had told someone,she will hate me for the rest of my life.

Apperently, her step-father was really abusive towards her and her mother.  That would explain the reason she wears long sleeve shirts and jeans all the time.  I have been over to her house plenty of times, but I thought that everything was alright.  Her step-father sometimes yelled at her for the stupid things like forgetting to take out her cup when she was done with it, but I thought that was normal with most parents when they are really tired when they get home from work.

I was truly scared for her...

The End

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